And a Happy Thanksgiving To You!

I want everything to be pumpkin flavored these days.  Look at that mound of home made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  Made on a whim!  Not to be sold through Fanny & Jane, but to be consumed by moi…and whoever else happened to be around in time to snag a cookie before the plate was empty.  My roomies were happy campers that night.

I am now sitting at the computer for the last few hours before I get in a van and drive to an undisclosed location for the holiday weekend.  No, it’s not as creepy as it sounds.  Truth is, my boyfriend and I are spending Thanksgiving in upstate New York, in a town called Voorheesville (who?), with some of our best buds.  Our friend, Adam (who’s family is graciously hosting us for the weekend), rented a van which we will all pile into in 5 hours, and then we are driving to his home which I have never been to.  And then we will, as the tradition goes, stuff our faces and nap.

It’s been a bustling season for Fanny & Jane, which is both happy making and exhausting.  And since Jen has been the queen of the kitchen these past few months, I know that she is very much looking forward to kicking up her feet and helping herself to some mashed potatoes.  All the orders are out the door, and now it’s time to sit and expertly relax.  Although, I hear a game of football on the lawn is part of the Voorheesville Thanksgiving tradition.  So, with the exception of that hour and a half, you can find me relaxing with a crossword or in the midst of a game of Catchphrase.

I just want to take this opportunity now to thank you (it is practically Thanksgiving after all) for following and reading my blog and for supporting Fanny & Jane.  If this is your first time reading, or you’ve been following for a while, or you’re my mom, thank you for “tuning in”.  I’m thankful this year for all the wonderful support I’ve received from friends and strangers.  I am so grateful to have such inspiring, creative, talented, and giving people in my life.

Have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to “And a Happy Thanksgiving To You!”

  1. Mama Mindy Says:

    what a nice surprise . Thank you so much..I was hungry for a little Faryn fix so I came to your blog -Love you mucho xoxo Mama

  2. Harvey Says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting you when I come to New York with your Mom. You have a way of expressing yourself with words that I feel is a special part of who you are.

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