My Favorite Tree on the Block

Looks like this…

It’s the only tree on my block that goes  yellow this every autumn.  All the other trees’ leaves are red, orange, or brown prone.  As a girl who was born and raised in L.A., I am still in awe of the actual season changes.  You don’t see trees like this, with such vibrant yellow leaves, on Wilshire Blvd!  Shawna, also a fellow Los Angelina, and I marvel at it daily as we walk by on our way to the train in the morning.  And those sprawling branches!  It’s like if Big Bird were a tree.

I took the above photos a few weeks ago, and now the branches are quite a bit more bare, and the leaves are definitely starting to fall…

Is December really this close already??


2 Responses to “My Favorite Tree on the Block”

  1. chocolateprn Says:

    That tree looks like a gingko (as in gingko biloba) tree. People (not me) pick the leaves, dry them and make tea etc (whatever else people do with gingko). Just a little FYI

  2. Harvey Says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting you when your Mother & Inarrive on New York

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