Supper Club Turns Breakfast Club

There’s something I find especially comforting about clubs.  Especially clubs that revolve around food.  Extra especially clubs that revolve around food and some of my childhood friends.  Three of my oldest friends (one of whom I’ve known since 2nd grade–holla!) have all made the big move from LA to NY within the past few years.  And so we decided that we should celebrate.  With a Monday Night Supper Club!  That said, we certainly try our best to uphold our weekly Monday night tradition.  But between the demands of law school, sketch comedy rehearsals, and occasional late nights at the office, it can be difficult to get all of us together every single Monday night.

Our usual restaurant of choice is the 24 hour polish diner, Veselka, an East village mainstay.  It’s tough to beat a good borscht and challah.  But sometimes when the mood strikes us, we’re willing to venture out.  Because of some scheduling snafus, we were unable to meet on Monday night last week.  So we opted for an unprecedented pre-workday Monday Morning Breakfast Club!

Lucky for us, Clinton Street Baking Co. was declaring February as “Pancake Month”.  We win.  (On a side note, New York is big on this whole “x-food” month thing.  Isn’t February also “Hot Chocolate Month” at City Bakery?  Not that I’m complaining…but what’s with that?)  So, waking up at 6am did not rule.  But waking up to fresh blackberries, pecan streusel and warm maple butter pancakes did very much rule:

Hello.  What a way to start the day.

Looking forward to our Monday night rendezvous tomorrow: in honor of Purim, we’re makin’ homemade hamentaschens at my place!  (If ya don’t know, now. yaknow.)


2 Responses to “Supper Club Turns Breakfast Club”

  1. Max Says:

    For the record, we have known each other since 3rd grade. Gosh.

  2. Hamentaschen Overload « Fear Of Missing Out Says:

    […] Fear Of Missing Out on meals and musings « Supper Club Turns Breakfast Club […]

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