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Ladies Brunch

March 30, 2010

The yucky rain weather of these past few days has kept me mostly inside, and mostly delegated to my lovely, albeit overcast, pocket of Brooklyn.  Spring weather, wha happen?  I guess the sunny days and flowy dresses of last weekend were just a tiny taste of what’s to come.  Oh New York Spring, you’re such a tease.

For now, I’ll have to settle for sitting inside, listening to the rain, and dreaming of the amazing homemade brunch lovingly made by my dear friend Marina.  Always the most amazing hostess and cook, Marina invited a small group of ladies to her apartment for an incredible brunch last weekend.  It was quite the spread!  Homemade lemon and blueberry scones, citrus salad with ginger yogurt, and BREAKFAST PIZZA!  Great company and great peach bellinis.

Check out her blog for the recipes and more photos!


Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

March 27, 2010

So, this exists.  And I’m so happy to know about it.  Photo courtesy of a blog called selleck waterfall sandwich.

We Flead

March 16, 2010

The awful wind and rain storm that hit New York this past weekend–and the cloud that seemed to be hailing directly over my apartment building–kept me indoors for the most part. (Cue my roommates, several pints of ice cream, a couch, and the Star Trek movie). However, the previous weekend, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Go figure.

So last weekend (the previous gorgeous one), David and I decided to take a stroll over to the Brooklyn Flea’s indoor location at One Hanson Place. I’d only been to their original outdoor location in Fort Greene, and loved it!  In the summer I got a great wooden table with fold-down flaps there. So I was interested to see how the Flea people would set everything up indoors.

Turns out, it totally worked! The location is gorgeous.  I’d never been to this building before, but the high ceilings and old architecture was beautiful. The set-up however, was a little claustrophobic for my taste. But I guess that’s all in the spirit of Flea-ing: get nice n’ close and haggle! I saw several jewelry pieces and accessories that I would have loved to investigate further, but the crowds were a little too much for us.

Besides, we were hungry anyway.

We made sure to go on an empty stomach, because, as most NY food bloggers will tell you, the Brooklyn Flea is all about the food. And boy, these food vendors did not disappoint! I wish I had taken more photos, but I’m still figuring out my favorite settings on my new-ish camera.

And now presenting…

An amazing pulled pork sandwich from Asia Dog!

A profiterole with a chocolate passion fruit filling from one of mine and Jen’s fave Brooklyn confectioners, Whimsy & Spice!

Aaaand a jar of McClure’s garlic dill pickles!

A woodsman and his jar.

It’s great to see all these delicious and unique food vendors representin’ Brooklyn!  Every food vendor I spoke to at each table was so excited to talk to me about their food and to be sharing their wares.  It’s a great little community, I tell ya.

Can Every Day Be a Lazy Saturday?

March 11, 2010

Another reason why I am convinced that I will never move (have I ever mentioned on this blog just how much I love my apartment?  I love my apartment), is my close proximity to Prospect Park.  It’s like having a really big backyard…open to the public.  But the cutest public imaginable: lots of babies and little puppies.  And being just minutes away from the Grand Army Plaza entrance has it’s perks, one of which is the Saturday greenmarket.  Every Saturday, in front of the big arch, farmers set up their wares and all afternoon you can stop by for a fresh focaccia, refreshing milk, or even a succulent plant.

Look at these kids playing in the little patch of snow (bottom right)!  A-door-a-bull.

Come on, Spring!  I’m ready to let the sun shine in.

Fanny & Jane Buzz!

March 10, 2010

Our Mini Choco Buttercream Sammies have been getting some lovin’!


The sweet ladies of the Blondie & Brownie blog enjoyed our bite-sized cookie sandwiches last week after discovering them at a coffee shop!   Several Fanny & Jane products are now being offered at the wonderful little coffee shop, Cup on Norman in Williamsburg.  The owners are lovely, and the coffee is delicious–stop in for a coffee and a bite!

Click here to read the full Fanny & Jane review!  And check out the Blondie & Brownie blog to follow “Two girls’ adventures in food”.  Glad you enjoyed the sammies!  Thanks for the review, girls!

And if you aren’t in the neighborhood to grab one of our treats at Cup, as always, all of our sweets are available to order on our website, Fanny and Jane dot com.  Check back often for new treats and sweet deals!

A Fine Night for a Picnic

March 10, 2010

*This evening was sponsored by The High Line and Trader Joe’s*

Yesterday’s high of 55 degrees and low of 42 degrees had all of New York City in a wonderful mood.  The air was crisper, people were smiley-er, coffee was sweeter, and the subways were still fairly smelly and unreliable…but not as bad as usual!  The random patches of dirt-covered snow hadn’t even fully melted from every sidewalk, but everyone was out on park benches with their ice cream cones and their lighter jackets.

My sweet boyfriend met me after work with a bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies, and we snacked and strolled along The High Line for an hour before I had to go to Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal.  One of the entrances is right near my office, and after last night, I promised myself I would take advantage of escaping to The High Line more frequently.  I hadn’t been back since I blogged about it in the summer, and it’s interesting to see how the place changes with the seasons.  It’s still just as magical, but the overgrown dried-out grass (see first photo) added an eerie feeling that reminded me of what the original abandoned railway tracks must have been like before they revamped ’em.  But there is just something so peaceful about being at eye level with many of the surrounding buildings.  When we perched on a chaise lounge, I looked up at the sky, and I swear I saw at least a star and a half.


March 4, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of OK Go’s videos from the very beginning.  First the choreographed dance in the backyard, then the treadmills: I ate it all up.  And now they’ve got me hooked again!  I’m having a major dorky moment.  Crushing hard on these guys right now:

Something’s Going Around

March 3, 2010

‘Tis the season to get sick.  Thankfully, Jen is the baker extraordinaire and I stay out of the Fanny & Jane kitchen these days.

But I tell ya, one of our bakery’s Peanut Butter Buckeyes could really cure my sick-day blues…I wonder how feasible it is to create a Chicken Noodle Soup Truffle?  Or a Matzoh Ball Bite dipped in dark chocolate!  The idle mind is the chocoholic’s playground.  Or something like that.

our Salted Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Hamentaschen Overload

March 2, 2010

It seems that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Jewish holiday.  The year is filled with ’em!  Some are more popular than others.  i.e. gifts for 8 nights during Hanukkah is more favorable than an all-day fast to repent for your sins during Yom Kippur.  The holiday of Purim is definitely a high-ranking Jewish holiday for me — it involves costumes, getting drunk, special cookies, and “boo”ing the bad guy (see: Haman).  So my gang of Monday Night Supper Clubbers decided to host an intimate gathering last night in honor of Purim.  Jews and Goys came together at my apartment, and we all made traditional Purim cookies: hamentaschen!  Turned out that one particular goy gave us a run for our money and consistently made the best-looking hamentaschen all night long.  He really earned his Honorary Jew badge.  Mazel tov, Clayton!

Most hamentaschens are filled with: apricot, raspberry, cherry, chocolate, prune, or poppy-seed.  But after some failed attempts at obtaining poppy-seed filling (Prospect Heights super markets really let us down), we decided we gotta just work with what we got.  And so…the CHICKEN HAMENTASCHEN was born!!

I must admit that I had some serious initial skepticism about these savory hamentaschen.  It was truly an unprecedented ‘taschen flavor…and to be honest, they looked kinda gnarly.  But boy, did I come around!  They were amazing!  Sweet dough and savory chicken?  It’s groundbreaking.  We gotta put a patent on these little guys.  The Chickentaschen!

Over the course of the night, we realized that hamentaschen can come in many different shapes and sizes.  If you don’t pinch the corners of the cookie tight enough, they can come out kinda blobby looking.  It’s all about the pinch.

Nevertheless, the blobs were still deelish.

We noshed on our raspberry and chocolate hamentaschen, played some Taboo, and with our collective Jewish day school knowledge, we put our heads together and pieced together the story of Purim.  I actually forgot what a good story it is!  The reason hamentaschen are shaped like triangles, is to represent Haman’s (bad guy) three-cornered hat he would wear.  Pretty weird and cool, huh?