We Flead

The awful wind and rain storm that hit New York this past weekend–and the cloud that seemed to be hailing directly over my apartment building–kept me indoors for the most part. (Cue my roommates, several pints of ice cream, a couch, and the Star Trek movie). However, the previous weekend, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Go figure.

So last weekend (the previous gorgeous one), David and I decided to take a stroll over to the Brooklyn Flea’s indoor location at One Hanson Place. I’d only been to their original outdoor location in Fort Greene, and loved it!  In the summer I got a great wooden table with fold-down flaps there. So I was interested to see how the Flea people would set everything up indoors.

Turns out, it totally worked! The location is gorgeous.  I’d never been to this building before, but the high ceilings and old architecture was beautiful. The set-up however, was a little claustrophobic for my taste. But I guess that’s all in the spirit of Flea-ing: get nice n’ close and haggle! I saw several jewelry pieces and accessories that I would have loved to investigate further, but the crowds were a little too much for us.

Besides, we were hungry anyway.

We made sure to go on an empty stomach, because, as most NY food bloggers will tell you, the Brooklyn Flea is all about the food. And boy, these food vendors did not disappoint! I wish I had taken more photos, but I’m still figuring out my favorite settings on my new-ish camera.

And now presenting…

An amazing pulled pork sandwich from Asia Dog!

A profiterole with a chocolate passion fruit filling from one of mine and Jen’s fave Brooklyn confectioners, Whimsy & Spice!

Aaaand a jar of McClure’s garlic dill pickles!

A woodsman and his jar.

It’s great to see all these delicious and unique food vendors representin’ Brooklyn!  Every food vendor I spoke to at each table was so excited to talk to me about their food and to be sharing their wares.  It’s a great little community, I tell ya.


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