Nothing But Juice

You’re looking at my meals from yesterday and today. I’m a few hours away from being done with my 2-day cleanse.

Despite a momentary lapse of major hunger when my roommates (cruelly) ordered 2 delicious-smelling large pizzas on Saturday, I’ve actually been doing well and feeling great! And I’ve been practicing some serious discipline.

Interestingly, I don’t miss food and I haven’t been hungry these past 2 days – the juices actually have enough calories to get you through the day, so it doesn’t really feel like I’m fasting. Actually, the thing that I miss the most is the social aspect of eating.

Abstaining from food this weekend has really shown me how much of my weekend activities are food motivated! With all my “meals” pre-packaged and separated into juice bottles, all of a sudden I’m not going out for brunch or meeting friends at a bar. It feels so bizarre for me to make plans that don’t revolve around food.

Just as important as cleansing my body, this cleanse has really highlighted what a huge role food plays in my everyday life. It’s a major part of my workday and my evening and weekend plans. Like a security blanket or something! My goal is that I’ll be able to continue this acute awareness of what (and how much) food I’m putting into my body. And to exercise self-control when there is a huge bar of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate in my cupboard and leftover pizza in the fridge.

For more info on this particular cleanse, check out BluePrintCleanse.


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