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March 4, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of OK Go’s videos from the very beginning.  First the choreographed dance in the backyard, then the treadmills: I ate it all up.  And now they’ve got me hooked again!  I’m having a major dorky moment.  Crushing hard on these guys right now:


Moments with Words

July 31, 2009


The other day, I took myself on an evening stroll to meet my friend for dinner in Park Slope.  My schedule for that day just happened to work itself out so that I was left with a nice chunk of time to take a leisurely walk.  So I did.  The bizarre summer monsoon that New York has been experiencing lately was a potential threat to my walk, but fortunately it stayed dry for me for those 45 minutes – though, it should be noted that the thick heat and heavy moisture in the air made it feel like I was walking through a jacuzzi.  A jacuzzi that drowned brownstones and strollers.  

On my walk, I ran into this small piece of graffiti:

IMG_0207 I really liked it.  I can’t exactly say why it was so arresting to me in that moment.  Maybe it was the fuchsia.  Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for ellipses.  I’m not really sure.  But the sentiment, “I’m getting closer and closer to everywhere…”, just rang so true and simple to me.  That sentence found a way to apply itself to all aspects of my life, like a magazine horoscope, or a vague fortune cookie does.  I like how it can be read so literally and metaphorically, like, “yeah, if I’m lost, no matter where I end up, I’m getting close to something.  Maybe not the place I was initially intending to reach, but another place, a new unknown place, so that’s okay.”

 Jen has always been very wise when it comes to advice, and since our friendship has grown, she has really helped me embrace the “Let the path show itself” philosophy, both in life and in our new baking business.  As a person who gets off on crossing  through to-do lists, and doesn’t like to let go of control very often, I really benefit from this kind of Zen mentality.  Every once in a while, when I allow myself to slip into that state of mind, I find that I’m better for it: my shoulders relax, my eyebrows un-furrow, and my mind is clear and calm to work on whatever is in front of me at that moment.  It takes some conscious effort to remind myself to go to that mental place, but once I’m there, it’s a much easier place to hang out.  My new short-term goal is to remember that I’m always getting closer to everywhere (metaphorically-speaking).

Fanny & Jane at Fashion Week Party!

July 21, 2009


Fanny & Jane made its Soho debut!  A few weeks ago, Jen and I were approached about bringing some of our Fanny & Jane goodies to a party happening at the chic and funky Soho boutique, Operations.  The party was last night, and it was a wild success!  We were in good company – the party was sponsored by Sam Adams, Nespresso, Inocente Tequila, Prometheus Springs, and there were hot dogs too.  The Fanny & Jane sweets were a hot ticket, and we ran out quicker than we expected!  I had such a blast meeting a ton of new people and eating yummy food and even shopping a little (woops!).  With the DJ spinning great dance-worthy tunes all night, the constant stream of people coming in and out of the store, and my natural desire to shmooze it up, it was hard for me not to be constantly buzz buzz buzzing around (especially since Nespresso was providing delicious coffee drinks throughout the night, and I got more than my fair share of caffeination).  But in my few moments of calm throughout the evening, when I wasn’t replenishing the cookie tray or obsessively fixing my hair (the party was for fashion people, after all), I was able to snap a few photos.  Enjoy!





Apparently, it’s a monthly tradition for Operations to host summer BBQs on the sidewalk in front of the store.  Brilliant.  So, last night was no exception.  In fact, it was even a little fancier and more extravagant than usual because it was one of the owner’s birthdays.

As the night wore on, and the grill got goin’, the party started to spill into the street.  It was the perfect summer night to chill outside with friends, a Sam Adams summer ale and a mini chocolate chip cookie.



Unfortunately, Jen was unable to make it to the party.  So we enlisted the help of our dear friend to help with set-up and for shmooze support.  For all intents and purposes, last night’s sweets were brought to you by Fanny & Jane & Adam.






It was pointed out to me early on in the evening, that our mini chocolate chip cookies were the perfect taste and size for dunking into Nespresso‘s espresso drinks!  I made friends with Josh, the Nespresso guy,  and while I was gushing to him about the deliciousness of their cappuccinos, I found out that he was a big fan of our red velvet cake bites.  Their coffee drinks were so good, they even got my boyfriend to try some – he’s more of a Hot Chocolate guy.  Of course, the particular drink he tried was more of an ice cream float than your traditional macchiato.  I also found out that Nespresso is a fairly new business, trying to get their name out there.  It was interesting to talk to him and hear where they are in their process, and maybe there will be a Nespresso/Fanny & Jane collaboration in the future!  To me, coffee and sweets are always a winning combo.

I also met one of the owners of another new small food/drink business, Prometheus Springs, a new spicy refreshing beverage.  Now usually, when I hear “spicy”, I run the other way – I’m a wuss, and I’m always “that girl” at the Thai restaurant who asks for things as mild as possible.  But feeling brave last night, and encouraged by the owner that the drink gets less spicy the more you drink it, I decided to try one of the flavors.  I opted for the Pomegranate Black Pepper (I wasn’t feeling daring enough for the Lychee Wasabi), and it certainly had a kick, but I didn’t die, and I actually quite enjoyed it!  He reminded me that sometimes a little bit of spice can be a good thing, it helps you sweat out toxins.  And after all the sweet treats I’ve been inhaling lately, maybe sweating out a bit of those extra chocolate toxins was a good idea.





The DJs set up their turntables on a wooden plank, spanning across the tops of the dressing rooms.  The view from inside the dressing room was quite adorable.


The few remaining mini chocolate chip cookies!


The last of the cake bites for the night!


This is Jesse.  Him and Mika got us involved in this whole fabulous party in the first place.  (We first met Mika when she tasted our brownies during one of our Wednesday night Sweets Sales at the PIT).  Jesse had the idea to showcase our goodies on the long, gorgeous glass table in the middle of the store, and he was so helpful with setting up, and made the whole event run so smoothly.  Thanks for everything, Jesse and Mika!


Empty trays!  Not a crumb left to nibble on.

Thanks to all the friends who came to party and support (and to help me carry the cooler home)!

Oh Wonderful Wonderfuls! *(i love this thing OR what is this place?)

May 20, 2009




Do you have a free afternoon? Never been to an armory? Wanna kick off your shoes and play in a ball crawl for all? Miss the smell of clover? Wondering what planet these photos were taken on? If you answered “yes” to any of those, go to this! Inspired by the photos from one of my favorite blogs, I thought to myself, “I have to go to this”, and I discovered the full sensory experience of Ernesto Neto’s anthropodino exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. My dear friend, Natalie, and I spent Monday afternoon frolicking, digging, and falling around this incredibly vast and colorful space (we’d never even heard of the Park Avenue Armory!) This installation reminded me of several “art” “pieces” that have encouraged me to re-claim the playfulness and innocence of being a kid. A feeling that I happily embrace.

We had fun.



This installation will be in New York until June 14th. I encourage you to hop to it before it leaves!

*And also my penny wishes, please

March 30, 2009


There are a lot of things I really love about New York.  Sometimes it’s those Woody Allen moments (if you’ve ever found yourself walking on the upper east side while listening to Django Reinhardt, you know what I mean). Or how often I find myself in the middle of a Seinfeld episode (what are those ladies at the nail salon saying??). Or the deli egg sandwiches.  

But my favorite thing about New York is how easy it is to convince friends to visit.  Sure, you have to be willing to keep your couch up to “crasher’s code”: clean-ish blankets and at least 1 extra pillow, but depending on who you keep company with, you might be able to get some free treats out of it (thanks for the s’mores, Arie, Todd and Lockman!)  This past week, our friend, Cece, and her boyfriend, Tim, were visiting from L.A. and London respectively.  Cece and I have known each other since high school, and it was wonderful to get to know Tim during this “holiday”.  In addition to being an adorably sweet couple, they are also adorably sweet collaborators.  He’s posted some of their work on his website–she writes the words, he designs the illustrations.  That’s one of their pieces above.  Fittingly, it’s adorably sweet.  I want one for above my bed.  Something you should know about me is that I really take those wishes to heart.  Birthday candles take me a while.  You only get one a year, so I figure those are of more value, than the bi-monthly eyelash ones.  Simple math.  Honestly, my fear is that if I’m not specific enough, the wish granter won’t have any idea what I’m talking about and then I have absolutely no shot at getting my wish granted.  My wishes usually sound something like:

“Please let my friends and family lead happy and healthy lives, filled with love and adventure.  (What if the wish granter can’t determine my friends from my acquaintances?  Panic).  My close friends.  (The wish granter probably can’t grant all of them happy and healthy lives filled with love and adventure.  Panic!) You know, like specifically, Sal, Jasmine, Erin, Peter, Jack, and Charlie.  (Now I gotta lock it in, or else it won’t count.  Review.)  Okay thanks in advance, but just to review…”

Cece and Tim, it was great seeing you, and thanks for the free treats!