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Fanny & Jane Does FoodStuff!

May 16, 2010

Tonight, people. At 8pm. At The PIT in NYC. Jen and I will be making our first public-performancey type of appearance at our friends’ variety show, FoodStuff!

This is the first installment of this monthly show, and we are thrilled to be the first food guests!  And what’s more, it’s a great lineup with some veddy funny people:

SNAKES (our good buddies Billy & Adam), and the hilarious NYC improv troupe, Centralia.

We’ll be havin’ a laugh and teaching the audience how to make one of our signature sweets (ooohh, ahhhh!).

It’s a gorgeous day in New York–if you’re around, treat yourself to some comedy and sweet treats. Click here for more info and to get tix!


A Getaway San Francisco Weekend

April 19, 2010

Before I get on with this post, I just have to state the following fact: I AM BLOGGING THIS FROM A PLANE. That above photo is my view RIGHT NOW. What!? I know! I’m just as shocked as you are. Is this the future? Where’s my hover car? Am I on some supremely boring candid camera show? Yet another reason why Virgin Airlines is my jam: they allow me to feel the exhilaration that comes with blogging at 35,000 feet.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I can get on with this post. Ladies and gentlemen, San Francisco!

So, the reason I’m on a plane in the first place is because I’m coming back from a weekend trip to San Francisco! That’s right. The home to Rice-a-roni, trolley cars, and the Tanner family.

Though the vacation was brief, I seemed to pack a lot into just a few days. Also, a trip like this reminds me how necessary it is to get out of New York, if even just for a little while. I feel like I say that every time I take a day or weekend trip out of NY, but you guys, it’s true! New York, I love you…as long as I can escape you every now and again. Don’t take it personally, New York. You’re still my favorite. You just better not be raining when I get back, or else we’re having words.

The fresh familiar air of California was the sweetest way for me to recharge my sun-craving batteries.

My trip to SF was grounded by one main event: my great friend, MacKenzie‘s, 100th birthday party. Well, “100” collectively: she turned 25 and her dad turned 75. So a group of us gals made the trek, 3 of us coming from Brooklyn and 1 from L.A., and we partied in her Bay area hometown. The party was a blast. It was hosted in the upstairs dining room of her family’s Hunan restaurant (I think every family should have a family-owned banquet hall, they come in handy!).

The soiree fit MacKenzie’s quirky, kitschy, foodie personality to a tee. There was plenty of pig to eat, a spirited “Oh Danny Boy” sing-a-long accompanied by her cousin on the accordion, your typical family life-sized cardboard cutouts, and custom-made pinatas of the evening’s honorees. MacKenzie going to town on her own paper-mached head with a baseball bat was incredibly bizarre. But then again, delicious butterscotch candy came out of her face, so who am I to complain!

Fortunately, our group of girl friends all had a similar agenda for the rest of the trip. Eat, shop, drink, sun, and more eat. Naturally our first stop was a little local food tour led by MacKenzie.

didn't get to go in, but gotta love the name

get in my belly

get in my belly

And the grand finale, a bakery that I absolutely fell in love with. The sweetest little pink and yellow bakery with a variety of handmade sweets. Miette is a sweet-toothed girl’s heaven. If you don’t “aww” over the adorably decorated cupcakes, then I guarantee you’ll at least love the cheerful wallpaper.  The pastries at Miette were a little more formal than the comfort sweets that we make for Fanny & Jane, but certainly got my bakery wheels a-turnin’!

And I couldn’t leave without trying one of these little guys:

a happy camper

And on the last day of my trip, my mom flew up from Los Angeles to spend some time in San Fran with me! She splurged on a super swanky hotel for us to stay the night! The kind of hotel that has random artsy chairs in the dimly-lit lobby and an iPod dock with speakers in each room. So we (I) jumped on the beds, played some backgammon, caught up over coffee, and took nice long sunny walks. It was, simply put, THE BEST.

family time with cousin Tony!

It was certainly a trip packed to the brim. I’m hoping to get in another visit to California this summer. But instead of NorCal, I’d go down to my hometown L.A., to visit my family and friends. And favorite restaurants. Naturally. But until then, I’ll be dreaming of the amazing Cali Mexican food that NY just can’t hold a candle to.

(p.s. Would you believe me if I told you that it took me the ENTIRE plane ride to put this post together? I guess in-the-sky-wifi isn’t as speedy as it’s on-the-ground counterpart.)

Harvard Sailing Team on CBS?(!)

April 15, 2010

Remember a week or so ago when I blogged about my sketch comedy group getting a little bit o’ buzz from a few videos we recently released? Well, I guess the buzz hit the ears of the people over at CBS because this past Tuesday, they had 4 members of the team on THE CBS EARLY SHOW! TALKING ABOUT OUR VIDEOS!

It was a bit of a bummer that we couldn’t all be on the show together, but I guess the CBS people weren’t ready for the heat that our 9-member comedy group could bring to an early show 🙂

So we told our 4 representatives, Chris, Rebecca, Adam and Jen, to go with god and to knock ’em dead (“’em” being CBS…and America). And so they bought spiffy new outfits and did us proud, talking about Harvard Sailing Team on national television! It was the highlight of my day, quite possibly my decade. That is, until we do Oprah.

Thanks to our buddy Geoff for putting if up on youtube! Click Here for the official CBS link to the clip.

As always, we perform our live show weekly at The PIT in New York. Check The PIT’s website for specific show times and details!

Boys Will Be Girls

April 3, 2010

Harvard Sailing Team performing at The Kennedy Center

My sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team, has been getting a nice bit o’ buzz lately.

The internet has been showing the love for our two new videos we just released! This has definitely been generating the most buzz than any of our previous videos have ever received, so it’s very exciting.

The major highlights for us include props from Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed (who says we’re “going viral!”), Jezebel, and my personal fave shout-out: New York Magazine’s blog “Vulture”, calling our video “A masterpiece!”  Woot woot.

We had a blast making these videos, and it’s always nice to know that people are digging them too.  But for every “SO FUNNY! Great skit!” (thanks youtube commenter, R4nd0mn33s!), there’s a “WHAT THE HELL??? THIS IS A FAIL!” (no thanks, youtube commenter, zizzork). Oh, internet.  The widely varied comments that people post on all of our videos has always been a great source of amusement for the team.

Hope you enjoy!

And if you’re in New York, you can catch our live show tonight at 9:30!  We perform every Saturday at The PIT!  Click here for tickets and info.


March 4, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of OK Go’s videos from the very beginning.  First the choreographed dance in the backyard, then the treadmills: I ate it all up.  And now they’ve got me hooked again!  I’m having a major dorky moment.  Crushing hard on these guys right now:

A Plus of Having a Party at Your House

November 6, 2009

Is all the free beer you inherit afterwards.

The morning after my birthday party — after the swiffer was put away, and we had gone through our 2nd roll of paper towels — the kitchen and living room were restored to their normal state and looked miraculously sparkling.  (BIG shout out to the amazing cleaning efforts of Trev, Julie, Shawna and Julien). 

And then, the party gods graced us with a reward for our cleaning: leftover beer!  A highlight included when Shawna was about to through away a black plastic baggie of what we thought was garbage, and she gleefully exlaimed “Red Stripe!” and we uncovered a shiny new unopened 6-pack.



This lone bottle was my favorite brewski left behind.  Our friend, Matt, dressed up as a Dharma Initiative member from the show “LOST”.  I’m a huge fan, and it’s the only episodic TV show that I can say with confidence that I’ve seen every episode of.  (Remember?  We even have a club)!

I love that his costume was so thorough!  For all you LOST followers out there, you’ll appreciate all the details on the bottle.  I felt like a good proper TV dork as I sat down to enjoy my Dharma beer last night.


I Never Grow Tired of Funny Cats

October 20, 2009

Last night, Shawna and I were up until 1:30 watching youtube videos of everything from “funniest cat video” to “talking dogs” —  it was just one of those nights.  Don’t tell me you can’t relate.  And it reminded me of the above home video that I had been wanting to share with you all.

This was the spontaneous and hilarious after-dinner entertainment at Marina’s place one night.  I wish all dinner parties ended like this.  (I apologize for the somewhat shaky camera…this dancing kitty had me busting at the seams.  And I still laugh every time I watch it!)

Thank you, Marina, for the expert choreography.  And thank you, cat, for those effortlessly cool moves.

Dr. Oz’s Doppelganger

October 16, 2009


On my way into work the other day, I did a double-take when I saw this ad on a bus stop.  My first thought was, “Huh.  I didn’t realize that Jason Bateman did another movie.  Wasn’t he just in that movie Extract?…”  And then, upon closer inspection, I realized that this wasn’t a poster for a Jason Bateman meets Christopher Guest ironic mockumentary-style star vehicle.  This was a non-ironic poster for a legitimate program.  This was Dr. Oz. 

So that’s what this guy looks like??  I mean, I know all about him.  He’s Oprah’s go-to doctor and yada yada.  I’ve heard his name so many times, but I’ve never actually seen a photo of him!  Until now. 

I mean, come on.  Am I right?!


jason bateman

Bateman, you’re a handsome fella.  And you also happen to look like Dr. Oz.  Please use it, and star in his biopic.  It will be hilarious.

And while I’m at it, what the heck does this poster mean?  Is it a command, telling his viewers to live right now?  Or is he merely informing us that his tv show is always on, and it’s being broadcast live, right now?  Honestly.  What is a person to make of that punctuation?

Am I the only nutjob obsessing about this?

No Dogs Allowed

October 13, 2009
my boyfriend, the dog

my boyfriend, the dog

awww!  signing autographs
awww! signing autographs


This weekend I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend, David, don a head-to-toe dog suit and run around barking and wagging his tail. 

He made me very proud.  His portrayel of El Exigente, the title role of the kids show now playing at the Atlantic Theater, No Dogs Allowed!, was incredibly energetic and adorable.  He told me that this was actually one of his most challenging roles: no lines, no songs, a lot of jumping up and down, a little bit of tango, and endless panting.   

His particular rendition of a dog was very rough’n’tumble, which in my opinion, is the best kind of pooch.  It reminded Shawna of her loving, stinky, and endearingly dumb doggie Jake, and brought back a flood of fond memories for her.  After the show, all the actors waited in the lobby to sign autographs (including the playwright, Sonia Manzano, MARIA FROM SESAME STREET!!).  All the kids ran up to David, hugging him and telling him their favorite part of the show.  It was pretty frickin’ cute.  

Our friend, Chloe also did an awesome job of playing “Shorty”, a clairvoyant and tough seven-year-old!  It was a great show — if you babysit in NYC, or have little cousins, or you’re just looking for something innocent and sweet to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning, check it out!  

Click here for tickets and more info.IMG00455

Friday Feel Good Tunes

October 9, 2009

Just bought myself tickets to see Raphael Saadiq in concert!  The show isn’t until December, but I am so SO excited!  I was introduced to his music by my best bud, Shawna, who described him as “the happiest music to walk around the streets of New York to”.  And I happen to agree.  He’s got such a wonderful retro sound that I just can’t help bopping along. 

Here’s a sampling for your enjoyment:

I convinced my boyfriend to join me (I’ll be making sure to upload Saadiq’s album to his iphone so that he is well-versed by the time the concert rolls around), and we decided that it would be a little treat to ourselves in honor of our (HOLY SHNIKEYS) FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY, which is on December 17th.  I honestly can’t believe that it’s been four years!!  To be fair, I guess I’m jumping the gun…we’ve still got 2 months till we hit that four-year mark.  But still.  L’chaim to us, honey!

And happy Friday to everyone!  Thanks for the 3-day weekend, Columbus.