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Greenpoint Food Market Part Deux!

May 22, 2010

photo courtesy of GFM

Fanny & Jane is happy to announce that we will be vending (and snacking and schmoozing) at this afternoon’s Greenpoint Food Market!

We participated last month, and had such a wonderful time. There was a band, and a huge crowd, and delicious snacks, and a puppy dog, and lovely people…I’m rambling, I’m so excited!

Last month’s theme was “Spring Awakening”, and this month we’re bringing you: “A Picnic In The Park”. It’s a perfect theme for a gorgeous New York Spring day like today! We’re bringing plenty of freshly baked bite-sized sweets – if you’re in the neighborhood, we’d love to see you!

So bring a picnic blanket and an appetite. We’re ready for ya.

*Fanny & Jane

*Greenpoint Food Market

129 Russell Street

Today 5/22, noon-5pm


Fanny & Jane Does FoodStuff!

May 16, 2010

Tonight, people. At 8pm. At The PIT in NYC. Jen and I will be making our first public-performancey type of appearance at our friends’ variety show, FoodStuff!

This is the first installment of this monthly show, and we are thrilled to be the first food guests!  And what’s more, it’s a great lineup with some veddy funny people:

SNAKES (our good buddies Billy & Adam), and the hilarious NYC improv troupe, Centralia.

We’ll be havin’ a laugh and teaching the audience how to make one of our signature sweets (ooohh, ahhhh!).

It’s a gorgeous day in New York–if you’re around, treat yourself to some comedy and sweet treats. Click here for more info and to get tix!

Our Greenpoint Food Market Debut

April 15, 2010

Greenpoint has been good to Fanny & Jane in 2010. The neighborhood has welcomed our sweets with open arms. And we are happy to provide.

If you’ve never been to Greenpoint in Brooklyn, it’s definitely a cool spot to visit. It’s not on the radar quite as much as it’s neighbor, Williamsburg, but I have a feeling that will be changing soon. As a matter of fact, Greenpoint was just ranked #5 in New York Magazine’s recent article about The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York! It’s a great mix of burgeoning brunch spots and cafes in the midst of a traditionally Polish neighborhood (you won’t find better Polish food anywhere in New York!).

Jen and I were proud to make our Brooklyn cafe debut at a wonderful happy little (bright green!) cafe owned by a husband and wife team in Greenpoint called CUP. Some Fanny & Jane favorites, Peanut Butter Buckeyes, Red Velvet Cake Bites, Classic Brownie Bites, and Mini Buttercream Sammies, are all featured at CUP alongside their other delectable treats (like croissants from Balthazar, yummm). You can stop by anytime for a cuppa coffee and a Fanny & Jane pick-me-up!

And this past weekend, we were delighted to participate in the monthly foodie event, Greenpoint Food Market.  Thanks to all the Fanny & Jane fans, new and old, for stopping by and introducing yourselves! It’s always fun to meet you and I hope to see more sweet-toothed faces as the season of food markets continues. I promise we won’t bite! Well, I won’t speak for Jen. I keed I keed Jen 🙂

Saturday was a particularly gorgeous day and the market was bustlin’! There was live music by The People’s Champs, delicious sodas and handmade cards from Pumpkin & Honeybunny, tahdiefor chocolate chip oreo cookies, and lots of kimchi. It was so inspiring to see the creativity and passion of all these other vendors. The theme was “Spring Awakening”, so flowers were plentiful and love was certainly in the air. I felt twitterpated. It was the perfect place to debut our brand new labels and packaging! You like? A huge thank you to our designer, Julien Fyhrie, who did an awesome job.

Looking forward to the next market on May 22nd. We’ll be sure to keep you posted with details!

photo via Greenpoint Food Market's flickr

our helpful hero boyfriends

photo via Greenpoint Food Market's flickr

our big F&J fans, Matt and Katie!

Greenpoint Food Market Brings You Fanny & Jane Tomorrow

April 9, 2010

Get yer Fanny & Jane fix this weekend at the Greenpoint Food Market! Been dying to try our Salted Peanut butter Buckeyes? They’ll be there. Fancy yourself a Classic Brownie Bites person? Those’ll be there too! It’s all happening tomorrow, people!

This is our first food market of the season, and it’s always so exciting to get ready for a market. There are a ton of extra factors to consider that Jen and I don’t have to think about when we are preparing our online orders (like mainly, should we wear our matching aprons or not??). But it’s always so rewarding to meet, not only our fans, but also all the other inspiring vendors that are making great stuff in Brooklyn! It’s a wonderful community of creative and foodie-minded folk. I’m particularly excited to sample some of Slant Shack’s Jerkey tomorrow. Nothing like a little bit o’ salty followed by somethin’ sweet!

The event is “Spring” themed, so it’s sure to be a lovely time. Look forward to seeing you there!

The market is open from noon till 5pm, and then Jen and I are running off to wear our other hats: our sketch comedienne hats. At 9:30 Harvard Sailing Team is performing our comedy show at The PIT. And with all 9 members in town performing together again, it’s sure to be a memorable show! Busy bizzy Saturday. I imagine Jen and I will be running on adrenaline (and large amounts of coffee) until Sunday.

Click here for location details and the official Greenpoint Food Market website.

Click here for a complete list of vendors.

And check out our twitter for updates throughout the day!

Have a great weekend!

Fanny & Jane Buzz!

March 10, 2010

Our Mini Choco Buttercream Sammies have been getting some lovin’!


The sweet ladies of the Blondie & Brownie blog enjoyed our bite-sized cookie sandwiches last week after discovering them at a coffee shop!   Several Fanny & Jane products are now being offered at the wonderful little coffee shop, Cup on Norman in Williamsburg.  The owners are lovely, and the coffee is delicious–stop in for a coffee and a bite!

Click here to read the full Fanny & Jane review!  And check out the Blondie & Brownie blog to follow “Two girls’ adventures in food”.  Glad you enjoyed the sammies!  Thanks for the review, girls!

And if you aren’t in the neighborhood to grab one of our treats at Cup, as always, all of our sweets are available to order on our website, Fanny and Jane dot com.  Check back often for new treats and sweet deals!

Something’s Going Around

March 3, 2010

‘Tis the season to get sick.  Thankfully, Jen is the baker extraordinaire and I stay out of the Fanny & Jane kitchen these days.

But I tell ya, one of our bakery’s Peanut Butter Buckeyes could really cure my sick-day blues…I wonder how feasible it is to create a Chicken Noodle Soup Truffle?  Or a Matzoh Ball Bite dipped in dark chocolate!  The idle mind is the chocoholic’s playground.  Or something like that.

our Salted Peanut Butter Buckeyes


December 6, 2009

This past week, Jen and I appeared as “Fanny & Jane” (our fabulous baking alter-egos) for the first time in months!  Since launching our new website and opening up shop on, the orders have been steadily pouring in — Jen has been shipping tons of orders and baking her butt off, and we’ve simply had less time to appear at events.   The inherent shmoozer in me always loves the opportunity to set up a table, bring our cake bites, and meet our sweet-toothed fans.  So this was a lovely way to spend a Wednesday night.  

Not to mention, it was our first holiday party of the season!!  Which was incredibly thrilling for both of us.  Even though I come from the menorah side of things, I sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” at the top of my lungs…and two years ago, I even had my own stocking!  I mean, sure we’ve got hanukkah gelt for dreidle gambling, but it’s hard to beat an advent calendar with a piece of chocolate for EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH.  

Jen, on the other hand, is Legit Christmas.  She’s been celebrating since she was born, and I’m totally dazzled by her stories of being a child and waking up to her grandparents and parents and cousins revealing a huge decorated christmas tree in the living room with tons of presents on christmas morning, when the just the day before, the room was empty.  Like magic!  Oh, goys.  I friggin love it.  

Thanks to our friends at Cake Productions for inviting us to be a part of their fun event!

And a Happy Thanksgiving To You!

November 25, 2009

I want everything to be pumpkin flavored these days.  Look at that mound of home made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  Made on a whim!  Not to be sold through Fanny & Jane, but to be consumed by moi…and whoever else happened to be around in time to snag a cookie before the plate was empty.  My roomies were happy campers that night.

I am now sitting at the computer for the last few hours before I get in a van and drive to an undisclosed location for the holiday weekend.  No, it’s not as creepy as it sounds.  Truth is, my boyfriend and I are spending Thanksgiving in upstate New York, in a town called Voorheesville (who?), with some of our best buds.  Our friend, Adam (who’s family is graciously hosting us for the weekend), rented a van which we will all pile into in 5 hours, and then we are driving to his home which I have never been to.  And then we will, as the tradition goes, stuff our faces and nap.

It’s been a bustling season for Fanny & Jane, which is both happy making and exhausting.  And since Jen has been the queen of the kitchen these past few months, I know that she is very much looking forward to kicking up her feet and helping herself to some mashed potatoes.  All the orders are out the door, and now it’s time to sit and expertly relax.  Although, I hear a game of football on the lawn is part of the Voorheesville Thanksgiving tradition.  So, with the exception of that hour and a half, you can find me relaxing with a crossword or in the midst of a game of Catchphrase.

I just want to take this opportunity now to thank you (it is practically Thanksgiving after all) for following and reading my blog and for supporting Fanny & Jane.  If this is your first time reading, or you’ve been following for a while, or you’re my mom, thank you for “tuning in”.  I’m thankful this year for all the wonderful support I’ve received from friends and strangers.  I am so grateful to have such inspiring, creative, talented, and giving people in my life.

Have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!

And Now…I’m 24

November 4, 2009



After a full weekend of birthday festivities (I’m talkin’ Girls Night Out For Drinks, a Notable Mention at our Harvard Sailing Team show, a Big House Party in honor of my birthdayoween, and brunch the next day), I am tuckered out.  But in a good way.  The kind of tuckered out that makes you smile and wanna eat ice cream.  Not cry and wanna eat ice cream.

I feel very lucky to have such generous, thoughtful, and party-hard friends in my life.  So generous and thoughtful in fact, that my best girl buds and my boyfriend pooled together to get me a BRAND NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!  I’m over the moon!  This is such great news, because I’ve been a little bummed (and limited to David’s iphone camera) that I haven’t been able to take quality pictures for the blog since my camera screen broke over the summer.  Now, as soon as I figure out how to upload photos to my computer, I can promise lots and lots of pretty photos on here.  Thanks NatalieDavidShawnaJessicaMacKenzie!  I am loving my present.

Not only have I been kept busy with birthday stuff (not to mention the fact that my little bro’s big bday was yesterday, and Jen‘s is on Saturday!), but there’s also been quite a lot of buzzing about Fanny & Jane lately.  Since I’ve been putting in the hours at my new full-time job, Jen has been working tirelessly to move things forward with Fanny & Jane, and I am so pleased to announce…


Our online shop is now taking orders!  You can visit us and check out our new website at or you can go directly to our shop by clicking here.  Thank you everyone who has shown us love lately, and thanks to everyone who has placed orders!  Up until now, we have been filling orders just by word of mouth, and we have been happy to bring our sweet treats to family, friends, and friends of friends.  But now our sweets are reaching farther, to people we don’t even know, and we couldn’t be more elated to spread the sugar!

Right now I’m running off to a birthday dinner for my lil bro (YES!  More wine and dessert!), but I’ll be back soon with photos from my new camera and more exciting Fanny & Jane news and updates.


“Faryn Contest” Ends Today!

October 6, 2009
Geo Marine Carryall and Geo Marine Day Wallet from Saltbox Accessories

Geo Marine Carryall and Geo Marine Day Wallet from Saltbox Accessories


As I mentioned, within the last two and a half weeks I’ve made the unexpected transition from being a part-time employee at a handbag and accessories company, to being a full-time employee in a casting office.  One of the most difficult parts of stepping into my new job was saying goodbye to the old one.  Over the past (almost two!) years working at Saltbox Accessories, I developed meaningful relationships with the people I worked with.  I have been fortunate enough in my mere 8ish years of experience in the workforce to have walked away from each of my jobs (except for a bizarre 1-month stint working the phones at a wand and party favors company…but I’ll save that story for another time) with wonderful connections and fond memories.  But my time at Saltbox was somethin’ special.  I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the office was all women, which was a new experience for me.  It was just the 4 of us ladies, and it was wonderful.  For one, there was always a stash of dark chocolate when one of us was having One Of Those Days.  And most of the time, coming to work felt more like a little get together than it did an actual 9:30-6 workday. 

Not only did I learn that I like being in an all-women office (girl power!), but I also learned a great deal about the chutzpah it takes to be a woman running your own small business.  Between just the 4 of us in the office, we all brought years of experience in fashion, design, performance, and baking to the table.  And as soon as the girls heard about the launching of Fanny & Jane, they couldn’t have been more generous with their advice, council, and sincere support (on occasion, dark chocolate brownies and Red Velvet Cake Bites were ordered for the office to indulge in)!   

To say “so long!” to the office was a bit of an emotional experience for me, but they assured me that they still definitely wanted to keep in touch (sounds a little bit like camp, huh?), and ultimately we all knew that my new opportunity to work in the entertainment field was too good for me to pass up.


If you don’t belive me by now, here is even more proof of how sweet these women are, and how excellent their product is: as a way of sending me off in good spirits, they interviewed me for their brand new blog (guys, check it out!) and are doing a FREE GIVEAWAY of my favorite bag!!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another rad perk of working with Saltbox was all the swag!  I will never want for an 18 oz waxed canvas tote, handbag, wallet, cosmetic bag, or luggage tag again!   🙂   So, here’s what you need to know for your chance to enter and WIN a free set of the Carryall bag and matching Day Wallet.  But ya gotta act fast because the deadline for the contest is TODAY at 3pm!  Come on, my slacker friends, get it together!

  • Here is the link to enter and win!
  • Here is the link to check out my interview

It’s a win win.  The more people that enter the contest, the more likely it is that they will continue to do awesome free giveaways.  Support Saltbox.  They rule.  Their bags truly rule.  Let’s get that good karma flowing, one bag giveaway at a time.