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Fanny & Jane Does FoodStuff!

May 16, 2010

Tonight, people. At 8pm. At The PIT in NYC. Jen and I will be making our first public-performancey type of appearance at our friends’ variety show, FoodStuff!

This is the first installment of this monthly show, and we are thrilled to be the first food guests!  And what’s more, it’s a great lineup with some veddy funny people:

SNAKES (our good buddies Billy & Adam), and the hilarious NYC improv troupe, Centralia.

We’ll be havin’ a laugh and teaching the audience how to make one of our signature sweets (ooohh, ahhhh!).

It’s a gorgeous day in New York–if you’re around, treat yourself to some comedy and sweet treats. Click here for more info and to get tix!


Boys Will Be Girls

April 3, 2010

Harvard Sailing Team performing at The Kennedy Center

My sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team, has been getting a nice bit o’ buzz lately.

The internet has been showing the love for our two new videos we just released! This has definitely been generating the most buzz than any of our previous videos have ever received, so it’s very exciting.

The major highlights for us include props from Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed (who says we’re “going viral!”), Jezebel, and my personal fave shout-out: New York Magazine’s blog “Vulture”, calling our video “A masterpiece!”  Woot woot.

We had a blast making these videos, and it’s always nice to know that people are digging them too.  But for every “SO FUNNY! Great skit!” (thanks youtube commenter, R4nd0mn33s!), there’s a “WHAT THE HELL??? THIS IS A FAIL!” (no thanks, youtube commenter, zizzork). Oh, internet.  The widely varied comments that people post on all of our videos has always been a great source of amusement for the team.

Hope you enjoy!

And if you’re in New York, you can catch our live show tonight at 9:30!  We perform every Saturday at The PIT!  Click here for tickets and info.

A Fine Night for a Picnic

March 10, 2010

*This evening was sponsored by The High Line and Trader Joe’s*

Yesterday’s high of 55 degrees and low of 42 degrees had all of New York City in a wonderful mood.  The air was crisper, people were smiley-er, coffee was sweeter, and the subways were still fairly smelly and unreliable…but not as bad as usual!  The random patches of dirt-covered snow hadn’t even fully melted from every sidewalk, but everyone was out on park benches with their ice cream cones and their lighter jackets.

My sweet boyfriend met me after work with a bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies, and we snacked and strolled along The High Line for an hour before I had to go to Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal.  One of the entrances is right near my office, and after last night, I promised myself I would take advantage of escaping to The High Line more frequently.  I hadn’t been back since I blogged about it in the summer, and it’s interesting to see how the place changes with the seasons.  It’s still just as magical, but the overgrown dried-out grass (see first photo) added an eerie feeling that reminded me of what the original abandoned railway tracks must have been like before they revamped ’em.  But there is just something so peaceful about being at eye level with many of the surrounding buildings.  When we perched on a chaise lounge, I looked up at the sky, and I swear I saw at least a star and a half.

Supper Club Turns Breakfast Club

February 28, 2010

There’s something I find especially comforting about clubs.  Especially clubs that revolve around food.  Extra especially clubs that revolve around food and some of my childhood friends.  Three of my oldest friends (one of whom I’ve known since 2nd grade–holla!) have all made the big move from LA to NY within the past few years.  And so we decided that we should celebrate.  With a Monday Night Supper Club!  That said, we certainly try our best to uphold our weekly Monday night tradition.  But between the demands of law school, sketch comedy rehearsals, and occasional late nights at the office, it can be difficult to get all of us together every single Monday night.

Our usual restaurant of choice is the 24 hour polish diner, Veselka, an East village mainstay.  It’s tough to beat a good borscht and challah.  But sometimes when the mood strikes us, we’re willing to venture out.  Because of some scheduling snafus, we were unable to meet on Monday night last week.  So we opted for an unprecedented pre-workday Monday Morning Breakfast Club!

Lucky for us, Clinton Street Baking Co. was declaring February as “Pancake Month”.  We win.  (On a side note, New York is big on this whole “x-food” month thing.  Isn’t February also “Hot Chocolate Month” at City Bakery?  Not that I’m complaining…but what’s with that?)  So, waking up at 6am did not rule.  But waking up to fresh blackberries, pecan streusel and warm maple butter pancakes did very much rule:

Hello.  What a way to start the day.

Looking forward to our Monday night rendezvous tomorrow: in honor of Purim, we’re makin’ homemade hamentaschens at my place!  (If ya don’t know, now. yaknow.)

It’s Not A Birthday Without Sweets

November 11, 2009
Mag Cupcakes in box

Magnolia cupcakes!

Magnolia logo

First time at the Upper West Side location

Mag Cupcakes


Trev and Julie

Cupcakes caught him off guard!

Bring cupcakes to Trev

Here they come...

Trev and candles

Make a wish! George Costanza's watching.

Bday Boy

The bday boy

The dust is finally starting to settle after the birthday craziness of October and November.  After a bunch of close friends’ birthdays that fall in those 2 months — including myself, my brother, and Jen — it seems that there is finally some birthday-free weekends on the horizon.  Friend, if I’m forgetting that your birthday is coming up, I’m sorry.  Are you on facebook?  I need those birthday reminders!

Last weekend we celebrated my little brother’s 21st birthday!  It was a surprisingly low key event.  A nice intimate dinner with close friends at one of my pizza faves, Motorino, and some Magnolia cupcakes at home.  Sounds mature.  I guess that’s the difference between 20 and 21.  You start to appreciate the finer things in life as you get older.  Meanwhile, I’m advertising jello shots and encouraging booty dancing at my 24th bday party a few weekends ago, so…

I haven’t had Magnolia cupcakes in a while.  I remember they were alll the rage when I first moved to New York and went to NYU.  They were pretty much the sweets staple at any birthday party/fundraiser/dorm floor event.  But then, as I began to expand my sweet tooth and venture off the cupcake beaten path, I started to discover a whole slew of other lesser known (and often better tasting!) cupcake options in the city and in Brooklyn.  Since the cupcake market in New York is already so saturated, Jen and I decided in the beginning stages of starting Fanny & Jane, that we would explore other comfort sweets options (our red velvet cake bites being the most popular), offering New Yorkers and friends and family an alternative to the usual cupcake fare.  We’ve dabbled in cupcakes before (remember our mini carrot cake cupcakes at the Susan Woo Fashion Week event?) and as the holiday season approaches, we are thinking of trying some special seasonal treats.  Peppermint cupcakes, perhaps?

But enjoying those Magnolia cupcakes for my brother’s birthday the other night, it was a nice reminder of the good ol’ days.  The Magnolia cupcakes that I bought for my roommates, or the time I took my mom to their bakery when she was visiting, or the delicious pick-me-up after finishing a final.  It’s funny how sense memory can do that.  How the taste of the Magnolia frosting can take me right back to Freshman year.  Look people, I eat sweets to help me remember.  And also, because they just taste so good.

p.s. these photos were taken with my NEW birthday gift CAMERA!  Sweet, huh?

A Monday to Ourselves

October 19, 2009











*all photos courtesy of David’s iphone.

As I mentioned in this post last week, ever since I started my new full-time job three weeks ago, my free time is very precious, since it is fewer and farther between.  Thanks to Columbus day last Monday, I had the entire day freeee!  Luckily, David and my schedules miraculously coincided (I guess even Apple store specialists can catch a break on Columbus day), and so we took the entire day to venture around Brooklyn and Manhattan together, free as boids.  Because of our crazy schedules and multiple extra curriculars, the chance for David and I to both have a free day with not a thing on the books is very rare.  Sometimes when this happens, the realization can be so surprising and exciting for me, that I get overwhelmed by all of our potential day options (let’s finally go to the Statue of Liberty!…let’s go to that museum we keep talking about!…we have to try this new restaurant for breakfast, that new place for dinner, and the other cute little cafe for a snack!…)  But micro-planning a day like that can, not surprisingly, have the opposite effect of the desired relaxation we’re both hoping to enjoy together.  So we chose to celebrate with a semi-structured-loosely-planned-not-over-the-top day…and we started off by affording ourselves the beautiful luxury of sleeping in a little.  Then we grabbed a deelicious brunch at egg–a Williamsburg breakfast hotspot that I’d been dying to try, next we quietly spent some time (with several brazen, and hungry, geese) on the shore of the East River Park.  We finished the day with a massage in the city, and finally sat down to a homemade dinner and watched “I Love You, Man”.  It was bliss. 

I’m craving that freedom to be outside and eat good food and spend time with my boyfriend, as I sit here at my desk on this rather quiet Monday.

Dr. Oz’s Doppelganger

October 16, 2009


On my way into work the other day, I did a double-take when I saw this ad on a bus stop.  My first thought was, “Huh.  I didn’t realize that Jason Bateman did another movie.  Wasn’t he just in that movie Extract?…”  And then, upon closer inspection, I realized that this wasn’t a poster for a Jason Bateman meets Christopher Guest ironic mockumentary-style star vehicle.  This was a non-ironic poster for a legitimate program.  This was Dr. Oz. 

So that’s what this guy looks like??  I mean, I know all about him.  He’s Oprah’s go-to doctor and yada yada.  I’ve heard his name so many times, but I’ve never actually seen a photo of him!  Until now. 

I mean, come on.  Am I right?!


jason bateman

Bateman, you’re a handsome fella.  And you also happen to look like Dr. Oz.  Please use it, and star in his biopic.  It will be hilarious.

And while I’m at it, what the heck does this poster mean?  Is it a command, telling his viewers to live right now?  Or is he merely informing us that his tv show is always on, and it’s being broadcast live, right now?  Honestly.  What is a person to make of that punctuation?

Am I the only nutjob obsessing about this?

No Dogs Allowed

October 13, 2009
my boyfriend, the dog

my boyfriend, the dog

awww!  signing autographs
awww! signing autographs


This weekend I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend, David, don a head-to-toe dog suit and run around barking and wagging his tail. 

He made me very proud.  His portrayel of El Exigente, the title role of the kids show now playing at the Atlantic Theater, No Dogs Allowed!, was incredibly energetic and adorable.  He told me that this was actually one of his most challenging roles: no lines, no songs, a lot of jumping up and down, a little bit of tango, and endless panting.   

His particular rendition of a dog was very rough’n’tumble, which in my opinion, is the best kind of pooch.  It reminded Shawna of her loving, stinky, and endearingly dumb doggie Jake, and brought back a flood of fond memories for her.  After the show, all the actors waited in the lobby to sign autographs (including the playwright, Sonia Manzano, MARIA FROM SESAME STREET!!).  All the kids ran up to David, hugging him and telling him their favorite part of the show.  It was pretty frickin’ cute.  

Our friend, Chloe also did an awesome job of playing “Shorty”, a clairvoyant and tough seven-year-old!  It was a great show — if you babysit in NYC, or have little cousins, or you’re just looking for something innocent and sweet to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning, check it out!  

Click here for tickets and more info.IMG00455

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

August 12, 2009




Sometimes all ya need is a little soft serve.  From a lovely gay man.  In a truck.

When I first moved to New York, summer meant two things: no school (I was an NYU student), and daily trips to an ice cream truck (I excercised little self-restraint).  But now with the wide variety of new sweets trucks popping up, and the frozen yogurt craze that has hit New York with a vengeance, I’ve been seduced by all these other options, and thus have only made two trips to an ice cream truck all summer!  Two times.  That is a shameful number.  (If we count how many times I’ve visited the Cupcake Stop truck however…that’s a shameful number for another reason).

I’ve talked about the NYC recent truck craze on my blog here, and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was one truck that I’d been wanting to find.  I love the name.  Love the logo.  Love ice cream.  Well, a few days ago, while killing some time in Union Square after a tiring and rather uneventful day of work at the office, I turned the corner and there it was!  It was in the stars, because I had a camera and just enough money on me for a cone with a specialty topping.  So I asked the adorably sweet man in the truck my favorite question: What’s your favorite? He said he was partial to the coconut and the salted caramel, and since I’m not much of a coconut girl, the salted caramel was a no-brainer.  In fact, it looked and tasted so good, that a complete stranger (in earnest) asked me for a lick.  Um, sorry, pal.

Verdict?  The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck had the classic satisfying taste you would want from your standard ice cream truck, with the bells and whistles (like ice cream sandwiches playfully called “cartwheels” and toppings like Trix cereal) of something a little…gay.

Pizza, Broadway, Burgers, and Funny People

August 10, 2009











The big surprise birthday plans I had for my boyfriend turned out to be a great success!  For dinner, I decided to stick with what we know instead of taking a big risk, so I went with pizza.  After Time Out NY recently declared it #1 on their list of “Top 20 Best New Pizzas in NYC“, I took him to dinner at Keste Pizza and Vino.  As far as ambience goes, our date at Motorino still clocks in at numero uno for me (you can read about that delicious dinner here), but the pizza itself was right on the money: chewy crust, sweet tomato sauce, and melty pads of fresh mozarella.  

At dinner I clued him in that the after-dinner activity was tickets to the musical “Jersey Boys” (as much a gift for him as it was for me).  He was so surprised and excited, he couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of dinner.  I get a thrill out of giving good gifts, so his animated response was especially gratifying for me.  We’d both been wanting to see this show for quite a while.  One, because I’ve heard such great things from everyone who’s seen it, and I love all those songs from the 50’s.  And two, because our friend is playing the starring role of Frankie Valli!!  After pizza and tiramisu, we shimmied over to the theatre and soaked it all up and cheered on  our uber talented buddy…from kickass seats in the 8th row (thanks, Jarrod)!  

And then, on David’s actual birthday, he had free reigns to plan the day.  Opting for simplicity (as opposed to the big group trip to Six Flags his friend and I were trying to organize for him…maybe next year), he went with burger and a movie (last minute cupcake appearance courtesy of Shawna Rosen and Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery).  The burgers were huge and yummy, but there was something wonderfully reminiscent of childhood birthday parties in going to an afternoon movie with a big group of friends.  I almost wish he had picked a kids movie instead of Judd Apatow’s “Funny People”.  I could always go for a hamster spy flick.