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Holy Hiatus

May 3, 2010

Remember when I started an exciting new fulltime job back in September? You don’t? Oh. That’s okay. Here’s a refresher.

Just because I seemingly never talk about my office job on this blog, doesn’t mean that it’s not a huge part of my everyday life. In fact, it is actually the one commitment that is currently taking up the vast majority of my time.

That’s about to change.

In 2 weeks, I’m a free agent. I get a summer vacation. Like a teacher! The reason being: my job is seasonal. Working on a TV show is apparently not a year-long commitment. So this summer I will be experiencing my first official “hiatus”.

When I started this job back in September, the Summer Hiatus that my boss spoke of couldn’t have seemed farther away. But all of a sudden, it’s a mere 2 weeks from now, and I still have very little idea what I plan to actually do with my time off! I recognize that this is a pretty cushy problem to have. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not crying over the fact that a summer vacation is essentially built into my work schedule. I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that very soon, I won’t be responsible for reporting somewhere 5 mornings a week.

My day-to-day schedule will have no structure. Wait, I take that back. My day-to-day schedule will have whatever structure I choose. This thought is both empowering and intimidating.

When I’ve lamented about this recent fear of free time (new blog title?), a friend who also works in casting reassured me: “Trust me, you’ll find things to do. You’ll meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a while. You’ll sleep in. You’ll go to yoga. You’ll be fine.” In the words of Buckwheat: Oootay.

I have a basic idea of things I could willingly spend my time doing. Like focusing more attention on the bakery, and performing with Harvard Sailing Team, and taking that occasional yoga class. And I’m hoping to be able to squeeze an *actual* vacation in there too! David and I were toying with the idea of Greece, but now I’m thinking maybe Costa Rica? Without any flights booked or hotel rooms reserved, it’s all still a bit of a dream. But if I can manage to get in some pool time in a foreign place, sipping tropical cocktails, and taking long summer evening walks, I’d consider it a hiatus well spent.

With all of these prospective summer options laid out in front of me, I realize how lucky I am to even have this opportunity to take a break from the 9-5 lifestyle. Which makes these months off feel even more precious! I must remember to get off my own back about Making The Most Of Every Second Of My Hiatus, and instead focus on How Do I Choose To Spend My Day Today.

Maybe I’ll just take up an instrument. Like the accordion. Ooh sexy.

Or maybe, as soon as May 20th actually gets here, you’ll find me taking long naps under that heavenly magnolia tree in Prospect Park.


Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

March 27, 2010

So, this exists.  And I’m so happy to know about it.  Photo courtesy of a blog called selleck waterfall sandwich.

Can Every Day Be a Lazy Saturday?

March 11, 2010

Another reason why I am convinced that I will never move (have I ever mentioned on this blog just how much I love my apartment?  I love my apartment), is my close proximity to Prospect Park.  It’s like having a really big backyard…open to the public.  But the cutest public imaginable: lots of babies and little puppies.  And being just minutes away from the Grand Army Plaza entrance has it’s perks, one of which is the Saturday greenmarket.  Every Saturday, in front of the big arch, farmers set up their wares and all afternoon you can stop by for a fresh focaccia, refreshing milk, or even a succulent plant.

Look at these kids playing in the little patch of snow (bottom right)!  A-door-a-bull.

Come on, Spring!  I’m ready to let the sun shine in.

A Fine Night for a Picnic

March 10, 2010

*This evening was sponsored by The High Line and Trader Joe’s*

Yesterday’s high of 55 degrees and low of 42 degrees had all of New York City in a wonderful mood.  The air was crisper, people were smiley-er, coffee was sweeter, and the subways were still fairly smelly and unreliable…but not as bad as usual!  The random patches of dirt-covered snow hadn’t even fully melted from every sidewalk, but everyone was out on park benches with their ice cream cones and their lighter jackets.

My sweet boyfriend met me after work with a bag full of Trader Joe’s goodies, and we snacked and strolled along The High Line for an hour before I had to go to Harvard Sailing Team rehearsal.  One of the entrances is right near my office, and after last night, I promised myself I would take advantage of escaping to The High Line more frequently.  I hadn’t been back since I blogged about it in the summer, and it’s interesting to see how the place changes with the seasons.  It’s still just as magical, but the overgrown dried-out grass (see first photo) added an eerie feeling that reminded me of what the original abandoned railway tracks must have been like before they revamped ’em.  But there is just something so peaceful about being at eye level with many of the surrounding buildings.  When we perched on a chaise lounge, I looked up at the sky, and I swear I saw at least a star and a half.

Something’s Going Around

March 3, 2010

‘Tis the season to get sick.  Thankfully, Jen is the baker extraordinaire and I stay out of the Fanny & Jane kitchen these days.

But I tell ya, one of our bakery’s Peanut Butter Buckeyes could really cure my sick-day blues…I wonder how feasible it is to create a Chicken Noodle Soup Truffle?  Or a Matzoh Ball Bite dipped in dark chocolate!  The idle mind is the chocoholic’s playground.  Or something like that.

our Salted Peanut Butter Buckeyes

We’re Back

February 26, 2010


Hi friends.  Thanks for allowing me a few months’ hiatus.  It’s been some snowy days today and yesterday (New York, are these not the hugest flakes you’ve ever seen?), and it’s got me feelin’ all introspective.  And in my introspection, I realize that I’ve quite missed this blog.  I’ve missed posting my photos, and sharing my stories, and giving the latest updates.  So let’s start up again: my name is Faryn, I started a new job in September, I like it, I’ve also started a bakery with my friend Jen, I take pictures of food, lots of pictures of food, I love living in Brooklyn, my boyfriend is funny nice and loving and his name is David, Harvard Sailing Team is the sketch comedy group I’ve been performing with for the past four years, they are my family, I still don’t have a cat but I work daily on warming my roommate up to the idea of a cute little adorable sweet playful kitten pouncing around the apartment and snuggling with us on the couch.  Now you should be all caught up.

I know you’re dying to know about all the meals I’ve eaten, friends I’ve seen, Brooklyn experiences I’ve had, and general life updates (mom).  So thanks for coming back, and I promise some great new posts veddy veddy soon!


December 6, 2009

This past week, Jen and I appeared as “Fanny & Jane” (our fabulous baking alter-egos) for the first time in months!  Since launching our new website and opening up shop on, the orders have been steadily pouring in — Jen has been shipping tons of orders and baking her butt off, and we’ve simply had less time to appear at events.   The inherent shmoozer in me always loves the opportunity to set up a table, bring our cake bites, and meet our sweet-toothed fans.  So this was a lovely way to spend a Wednesday night.  

Not to mention, it was our first holiday party of the season!!  Which was incredibly thrilling for both of us.  Even though I come from the menorah side of things, I sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” at the top of my lungs…and two years ago, I even had my own stocking!  I mean, sure we’ve got hanukkah gelt for dreidle gambling, but it’s hard to beat an advent calendar with a piece of chocolate for EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH.  

Jen, on the other hand, is Legit Christmas.  She’s been celebrating since she was born, and I’m totally dazzled by her stories of being a child and waking up to her grandparents and parents and cousins revealing a huge decorated christmas tree in the living room with tons of presents on christmas morning, when the just the day before, the room was empty.  Like magic!  Oh, goys.  I friggin love it.  

Thanks to our friends at Cake Productions for inviting us to be a part of their fun event!

Spread Thin

October 23, 2009


I’ve been trying to quiet the constant chatter in my brain lately, but I’ve been having trouble.  One clear sign that I know something is up, is that I was tossing and turning in bed last night and had trouble falling asleep.  Normally, I am an absolute pro at falling asleep anytime anywhere.  Exhibit A.

This behavior is actually something that happens to me every year.  The same time of year.  So why I don’t expect these feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness by now, is anyone’s guess.  Perhaps some of you out there can relate.  I call it “the birthday blues”.

I know that in the midst of a society dealing with an economic crisis, world hunger, and ponzi schemes, having anxiety over one meaningless day (like a friggin birthday!) is absolutely absurd.  But try as I might to trick myself into forgetting my birthday, or treating it without a care, I sincerely can’t help it.  And I know that too resist is to persist.  So with that in mind, this year I am making my best efforts to just embrace these feelings of confusion and meloncholia.  Not to judge it or try and fight it.  But to let it be there.  And then hopefully this too shall pass.

It has nothing to do with getting one year older.  I actually quite look forward to that part.  24!  Woohoo!  I imagine it will be a lot like 23.  Can’t wait.  For me, it’s more about my expectations of the day.  I tend to exhaust myself when trying to think of the absolute perfect way to plan the day.  And the fact that my birthday also happens to be Halloween, doesn’t exactly help my search for peace and calm about the whole thing.  In fact, Halloween in the city is usually a night of chaos and lots of traffic.  I just try to remind myself: it’s just one day.  A day like any other day.  A day with 24 hours.  I will eat during this day.  And I will sleep at the end of it.  And maybe party with my lovely friends at some point during it.

Sorry this is more of a bummer-y post than I usually put up.  But in an effort to be honest with where I’m at, might as well share these feelings on my blog too.  Thanks for listening.


A Monday to Ourselves

October 19, 2009











*all photos courtesy of David’s iphone.

As I mentioned in this post last week, ever since I started my new full-time job three weeks ago, my free time is very precious, since it is fewer and farther between.  Thanks to Columbus day last Monday, I had the entire day freeee!  Luckily, David and my schedules miraculously coincided (I guess even Apple store specialists can catch a break on Columbus day), and so we took the entire day to venture around Brooklyn and Manhattan together, free as boids.  Because of our crazy schedules and multiple extra curriculars, the chance for David and I to both have a free day with not a thing on the books is very rare.  Sometimes when this happens, the realization can be so surprising and exciting for me, that I get overwhelmed by all of our potential day options (let’s finally go to the Statue of Liberty!…let’s go to that museum we keep talking about!…we have to try this new restaurant for breakfast, that new place for dinner, and the other cute little cafe for a snack!…)  But micro-planning a day like that can, not surprisingly, have the opposite effect of the desired relaxation we’re both hoping to enjoy together.  So we chose to celebrate with a semi-structured-loosely-planned-not-over-the-top day…and we started off by affording ourselves the beautiful luxury of sleeping in a little.  Then we grabbed a deelicious brunch at egg–a Williamsburg breakfast hotspot that I’d been dying to try, next we quietly spent some time (with several brazen, and hungry, geese) on the shore of the East River Park.  We finished the day with a massage in the city, and finally sat down to a homemade dinner and watched “I Love You, Man”.  It was bliss. 

I’m craving that freedom to be outside and eat good food and spend time with my boyfriend, as I sit here at my desk on this rather quiet Monday.

Big Girls Slumber Party

October 10, 2009


After filling several Fanny & Jane orders during our precious “free” time of the last few weekends, it sure is a nice little respite to have these next few days all to myself this weekend!  For instance, since I didn’t have any baking commitments this morning, last night I was able to say YES to an impromptu sleepover at my friends’, Danni and Jarrod’s, loverly apartment on the Upper West Side.  (Well, as evidenced by the above photo, I didn’t exactly realize that I was sleeping over until the next morning when I just sorta woke up in that position).

The night before, my friend Natalie and I, went over to Danni’s place for a much needed ladies catch-up session, and dinner-making event.  We got carried away with the chatting and pre-dinner cheese & wine, that we didn’t actually sit down to eat our meal until 10:45.  Lesson learned: alcohol + late night dinner = immovable on the couch.

But look at our colorful spread!


Aren’t the colors beautiful?  Our autumnal feast included: roasted six-spice butternut squash spears, garlicky kale, and beet-stained penne with a goat cheese crumble.  Maybe one of these days I’ll post recipes… 

Sorry for the crappy picture quality.  I didn’t have my broken camera with me, and my blackberry camera was my only resort!  Fortunately, in the morning I got wise to the fact that Danni had a digital camera I could borrow to photograph our delicious home-made brunch!


our sauteed mushroom, onion, spinach, fresh tomato, basil, and shredded gouda frittata


Danni & Jarrod in their kitchen




Close frittata!

Close frittata!


chow time


picture of a perfect saturday part I

picture of a perfect saturday part I

picture of a perfect saturday part II

picture of a perfect saturday part II

cafe au lait and pumpkin cranberry muffin appetizer

cafe au lait and pumpkin cranberry muffin appetizer



All of a sudden it’s 3:45 and I’ve only left their house once…and it was for a quick morning coffee run.  This has been quite the perfect Saturday.  And now, since I’m on the Upper West Side so infrequently, I’m going to stop by my favorite cookie bakery in the city to stock up on some serious chocolate chip goodies.  And then, I’ll be at the PIT tonight with Harvard Sailing Team for our weekly sketch comedy show.  We have a brand new show, so stop by if you’re around!