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Fanny & Jane Does FoodStuff!

May 16, 2010

Tonight, people. At 8pm. At The PIT in NYC. Jen and I will be making our first public-performancey type of appearance at our friends’ variety show, FoodStuff!

This is the first installment of this monthly show, and we are thrilled to be the first food guests! ¬†And what’s more, it’s a great lineup with some veddy funny people:

SNAKES (our good buddies Billy & Adam), and the hilarious NYC improv troupe, Centralia.

We’ll be havin’ a laugh and teaching the audience how to make one of our signature sweets (ooohh, ahhhh!).

It’s a gorgeous day in New York–if you’re around, treat yourself to some comedy and sweet treats. Click here for more info and to get tix!


Harvard Sailing Team on CBS?(!)

April 15, 2010

Remember a week or so ago when I blogged about my sketch comedy group getting a little bit o’ buzz from a few videos we recently released? Well, I guess the buzz hit the ears of the people over at CBS because this past Tuesday, they had 4 members of the team on THE CBS EARLY SHOW! TALKING ABOUT OUR VIDEOS!

It was a bit of a bummer that we couldn’t all be on the show together, but I guess the CBS people weren’t ready for the heat that our 9-member comedy group could bring to an early show ūüôā

So we told our 4 representatives, Chris, Rebecca, Adam and Jen, to go with god and to knock ’em dead (“’em” being CBS…and America). And so they bought spiffy new outfits and did us proud, talking about Harvard Sailing Team on national television! It was the highlight of my day, quite possibly my decade. That is, until we do Oprah.

Thanks to our buddy Geoff for putting if up on youtube! Click Here for the official CBS link to the clip.

As always, we perform our live show weekly at The PIT in New York. Check The PIT’s website for specific show times and details!


April 14, 2010

I know I know, it’s already Wednesday. But you guys, I can’t get over what an awesomely packed weekend I just got through.

It was filled old friends (Chris & Rebe visiting from L.A.!) and new ones (hello¬†BakedByBub!), sweet treats, and lotsa Harvard Sailing Team activity. Even though my dogs were barkin’ by the end of Sunday night, the hard work and long days were worth it because I was busy doing the things I love. It’s always easier to put in those long hours when the work feels more like play, and you’re surrounded by people who make you laugh.

Photos from the weekend to come.

If you can’t tell, I’m on a bit of a lifehigh right now. For now, I’m happy to ride this wave because inevitably, New York will have another rainy Spring day and I’ll have to pay my taxes and I’ll curl up on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and lament. But until then, I’m welcoming these happy giddy feelings.

Greenpoint Food Market Brings You Fanny & Jane Tomorrow

April 9, 2010

Get yer Fanny & Jane fix this weekend at the Greenpoint Food Market! Been dying to try our Salted Peanut butter Buckeyes? They’ll be there. Fancy yourself a Classic Brownie Bites person? Those’ll be there too! It’s all happening tomorrow, people!

This is our first food market of the season, and it’s always so exciting to get ready for a market. There are a ton of extra factors to consider that Jen and I don’t have to think about when we are preparing our online orders (like mainly, should we wear our matching aprons or not??). But it’s always so rewarding to meet, not only our fans, but also all the other inspiring vendors that are making great stuff in Brooklyn! It’s a wonderful community of creative and foodie-minded folk. I’m particularly excited to sample some of Slant Shack’s Jerkey tomorrow. Nothing like a little bit o’ salty followed by somethin’ sweet!

The event is “Spring” themed, so it’s sure to be a lovely time. Look forward to seeing you there!

The market is open from noon till 5pm, and then Jen and I are running off to wear our other hats: our sketch comedienne hats. At 9:30 Harvard Sailing Team is performing our comedy show at The PIT. And with all 9 members in town performing together again, it’s sure to be a memorable show! Busy bizzy Saturday. I imagine Jen and I will be running on adrenaline (and large amounts of coffee) until Sunday.

Click here for location details and the official Greenpoint Food Market website.

Click here for a complete list of vendors.

And check out our twitter for updates throughout the day!

Have a great weekend!

Boys Will Be Girls

April 3, 2010

Harvard Sailing Team performing at The Kennedy Center

My sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team, has been getting a nice bit o’ buzz lately.

The internet has been showing the love for our two new videos we just released! This has definitely been generating the most buzz than any of our previous videos have ever received, so it’s very exciting.

The major highlights for us include props from¬†Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed (who says we’re “going viral!”), Jezebel, and my personal fave shout-out: New York Magazine’s blog “Vulture”, calling our video “A masterpiece!” ¬†Woot woot.

We had a blast making these videos, and it’s always nice to know that people are digging them too. ¬†But for every “SO FUNNY! Great skit!” (thanks youtube commenter,¬†R4nd0mn33s!), there’s a “WHAT THE HELL??? THIS IS A FAIL!” (no thanks, youtube commenter, zizzork). Oh, internet. ¬†The widely varied comments that people post on all of our videos has always been a great source of amusement for the team.

Hope you enjoy!

And if you’re in New York, you can catch our live show tonight at 9:30! ¬†We perform every Saturday at The PIT! ¬†Click here for tickets and info.

Six Degrees of Paulie Walnuts

October 8, 2009

Not one, but TWO people I know have recently done commercials with Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico), from The Sopranos!  Is the universe trying to tell me something?

First, my boyfriend, David could be seen rejecting Walnuts’¬†fake cash¬†in this Denny’s commercial:

(So proud!¬† I love the¬†“moment” from 0:17 to 0:19).

And now, my hilarious friend Billy from Harvard Sailing Team is playing the adorable goofball (not a stretch) in this Mini Cooper ad:

Mom, do you have something you wanna tell me?¬† Like, maybe you’re filming a commercial for Dannon with Paulie Walnuts?

Summer, Where Ya Goin?

August 18, 2009






Sitting atop my friend’s Williamsburg roof the other day, I became acutely aware that we’re in the middle of August, quickly heading towards September.

Staying true to my fear of missing out, I’ve been having slight anxiety about the summer slipping away and the feeling that I didn’t take advantage of everything that a New York summer has to offer a young, energetic, movie and food-loving girl like me.¬† I know it’s unrealistic to expect myself to attend every drink special event at Beer Table, or get a front row seat at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, but still!¬† I read my issue of Time Out New York every week.¬† I’m well aware of all the events potentially at my fingertips!¬† I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t made it to ONE outdoor movie screening this entire season (how could I have allowed myself to miss “Harold and Maude” in Bryant Park??).

I guess I don’t really have a good excuse.¬† Sure, I’ve been baking my butt off, and this summer has turned out to be one of my hardest-working New York summers yet (what happened to summer vacation?).¬† I think I’ve just been experiencing some serious wander lust lately.¬† In recent summers past, I’ve had an EscapeFromNewYork to look forward to.¬† Whether it was a trip to a faraway land (Israel) or a trip to some other faraway land (Burning Man), knowing that I had some trip to look forward to, somehow made it easier to chill out, pat myself on the back and say, “Good job.¬† What a rejuvenating summer.¬† Way to treat yourself, Self”.

Because of an uber busy schedule and due to financial restrictions, it seems there will be no big (or little) trip for me this summer.¬† Although, there has been some recent buzz about a group camping trip!¬† Fingers crossed that it pans out.¬† I do feel bad complaining though, because even though my summer has been seemingly non-stop obligations, it has been for things that I enjoy – consistent Fanny & Jane orders coming in and big Harvard Sailing Team comedy video projects to shoot and shopping for furniture and paint swatches to re-decorate my living room – it’s all good stuff!¬† I think my nights of staying up until 2am and waking up a mere 6 hours later, are finally starting to catch up with me.¬† To be expected.¬† All I’m sayin’ is that a massage would be really nice.¬† In Greece.¬† Fine, I’ll take Jersey.¬† Just so long as it’s before Autumn.

Homemade Plum Pie

August 11, 2009




Without even having a “Meeting of the Sweet-Toothed Minds” with each other, it seems that Jen and I have simultaneously been bitten by the pie bug.¬† Even though we haven’t even had the chance to discuss it outright yet, I’d be willing to bet that there will be some Fanny & Jane pie experimenting dates veddy veddy soon (Jen, I’m on rhubarb duty if you’ve got vanilla ice cream).

Jen’s yummy blog post about this farm fresh peach pie, had me salivating all over my keyboard (nice, right?).¬†¬† And just then, like an answer from the heavens, I was given a slice of pie.¬† Well, that wasn’t exactly how it went down, but the sheer coincidence in the proximity of days in which Jen and I both ate pieces of pie is pretty unusual, especially considering that we blog A LOT about dessert and this was a first pie post for both of us!

The pie I photographed, and was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of, is a plum pie.¬† Plum pie.¬† Now, that’s a first for me.¬† It was homemade by a generous and wonderfully skilled baker and my new friend, Inbal.¬† I met Inbal this past weekend during the last days of our Harvard Sailing Team shoot in Long Island.¬† Inbal stepped in to help with props and to art direct (I’m no good with official titles) our third and final comedy video that was part of a series for a big project we’ve been developing and working on for the past few months.¬† It was so exciting and helpful to have her on set with us all day, working tirelessly with the rest of the production team to help make our video look dang good, while the rest of us played Bananagrams between takes.

But back to the pie.¬† I met Inbal and the plum pie on the same night – Chris, Rebecca, and I went to Inbal and Kyle’s (the producer) apartment before the trek out to LI so we could help load up the car with all the camera and lighting equipment.¬† It was there and then that Inbal presented us with The Pie.¬† “I made it for you guys”, she sweetly said.¬† I think she originally intended for us to bring the pie to Long Island for everyone (the rest of the team, who was meeting us there) to share.¬† I don’t know if it was her own desire to just cut into the pie and dig in, or the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off the thing from the moment we got there, but needless to say, the pie did not make it to Long Island.¬† I was good and only took one slice, although I easily could have indulged in four.¬† The plums were perfectly tart and the crust was soft and custard-y and the presentation was so beautiful and feminine, the way the round slices of plums dressed up the top of the pie.¬† Holy cow, you guys, it was out of control.

Thanks for the absolutely delicious introduction to plum pie, Inbal!  I might be knocking on your door for the recipe soon!



Looooong Island

August 4, 2009

Every now and again, I go with my sketch comedy team, Harvard Sailing Team, to Chris’ house in Rockville Center, Long¬†Island.¬† The purpose of these visits is to shoot short comedy videos, but our focus gets quickly sidetracked when we arrive, because his mom puts out quite the smorgasbord.¬† So much so that these trips to Long Island have been unofficially referred to as Food Fests.¬† Or maybe it’s just me that calls them that.¬† But nonetheless, I know everyone else is thinking it.¬† Right, guys?

This past Saturday, we had a marathon shoot in Long Island Рfilming from the morning until late into the night.  But there was plenty of food Рthanks Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Рto keep us going.  Despite our fatigue (due to previous late-night baking, or drinking, or whatever, for example), we were very excited to be filming these particular videos, because they are part of a project that we have been developing for months.  Vague, I know.  But all will be revealed eventually.

As usual, we had a blast.¬† Even though we were there to “work”, there is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a day trip to Chris’ house in the suburbs with your buddies.¬† There were mid-day naps to be had, and dogs to pet, and the best craft services one could ask for (I even learned how to make Mrs. Smith’s a-maz-ing mexican dip!¬† How can you go wrong with salsa, cheese, and onions?)

Big bummer alert: my camera’s screen recently broke (I must’ve caught what Jen had), so I wasn’t able to take any behind the scenes photos¬† in Long Island, but here are some photos (B.B.C. – before broken camera) from our recent show at Caroline’s on Broadway.


Rebe walkin around the stage


now we're talkin


look at that director


our host (Jeff Kreisler) and a menu


mocking me in the green room. naturally.


performing the Simon & Garfunkle sketch. one of my favorites.

Harvard Sailing Team at Caroline’s on Broadway Tonight!

July 22, 2009

hst singing

This is a photo of the end of a Harvard Sailing Team show, oh, three years ago? ¬†It was our big (Caroline’s on) Broadway debut! ¬†And not uncommon for us, we’re singing our hearts out in some big cheesy song & dance number. ¬†

Come see us perform at Caroline’s on Broadway again tonight! ¬†I can promise you that we’ll be sporting different haircuts than those pictured above. ¬†Comedian Jeff Kreisler (who recently reviewed us for¬†here!) invited us to perform 20 minutes of our favorite sketches as part of his show, “Get Rich Cheating”. ¬†So come on down to Caroline’s tonight, we’d love to see you there! ¬†We even have a discount code, if that sweetens the deal. ¬†Here are the details:

Tonight, Weds., July 22nd @ 9:30
Caroline’s on Broadway (1626 Broadway, off 50th Street)
Use the discount code CHEAT for special priced tickets!
Click here to buy advanced tickets.
not joking, the high point of my career.

not joking, the high point of my career.