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A Very Voorheesville Thanksgiving

December 1, 2009

The friends and good times…

And then there was food…

Well, that just about sums it up.  A 3-day vacation with some of my besties was just what the doctor ordered.  New York City is a funny place – I love it dearly, but every few months I just need to get the hell out.  And the crisp air of upstate New York, amazing comfort food, and some serious 3 on 3 basketball games were a the perfect little rejuvenators.  It was nice to have all the space in the world to run around, and also to have the option of staying in pajamas till 5pm.

With December practically here (holy cow, what!?), I’m hoping to take some more time off, and go visit my family in California during the holidays.  But procrastination really got the best of me this time, and airline tickets are already in the $600-$700 range!  Eeep.  Not an option.  I’m praying for a miracle, or some mercy from Virgin America.  Otherwise, I might have to get creative and plan a train-able/zip car-able/hitchhike-able East coast adventure for myself!  Any ideas?

And now I’m back in the city.  Back to the daily grind.  Everyone at work today was moving just a bit slower than usual.  It seems I’m not the only one who wasn’t quite ready to return from vaycay.  Or the lethargy could also be attributed to everyone’s happy little lingering buddha bellies filled with mashed potatoes and pie.


Bro For A Day

May 18, 2009



I’m a sports fan out of convenience.  I’ll be honest here.  My favorite thing about the Super Bowl are the commercials.  I go to baseball games for the hot dogs.  And I sometimes watch basketball because, frankly, I can name more of the players in basketball than I can in any other sport (that’s not saying a lot), and that fact makes me feel cool.  Since I’m from Los Angeles, my brother grew up watching The Lakers and Kobe was a household name, so I guess my scale of sports-watching has always been tipped in favor of The B-ball.

An unprecedented experience in my life, I, by choice, spent the good portion of yesterday at a Sports Bar watching The Game – I’ve never seen so many televisions in my life!  I met the boys (Chris, Brendan, and Ben) and brought my boys (Shawna) and we munched on nachos and fries and threw back some brewskis.  It seemed that Shawna and I were the only ones cheering on the Lakers.  Apparently everyone in New York roots for the underdog, and the Lakers are not it.  But our cheering musta worked, ’cause the Lakers won! 

I definitely hope to spend another few hours glued to ESPN, and eating wings with my boys, and I’m sure I will, since the Lakers are going on to the finals…or is it the championship?  Um, I’m still a little fuzzy on the details.  Three pointers!  Out of bounds!  Goooooo sports!