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Fanny & Jane Does FoodStuff!

May 16, 2010

Tonight, people. At 8pm. At The PIT in NYC. Jen and I will be making our first public-performancey type of appearance at our friends’ variety show, FoodStuff!

This is the first installment of this monthly show, and we are thrilled to be the first food guests!  And what’s more, it’s a great lineup with some veddy funny people:

SNAKES (our good buddies Billy & Adam), and the hilarious NYC improv troupe, Centralia.

We’ll be havin’ a laugh and teaching the audience how to make one of our signature sweets (ooohh, ahhhh!).

It’s a gorgeous day in New York–if you’re around, treat yourself to some comedy and sweet treats. Click here for more info and to get tix!


No Dogs Allowed

October 13, 2009
my boyfriend, the dog

my boyfriend, the dog

awww!  signing autographs
awww! signing autographs


This weekend I had the pleasure of watching my boyfriend, David, don a head-to-toe dog suit and run around barking and wagging his tail. 

He made me very proud.  His portrayel of El Exigente, the title role of the kids show now playing at the Atlantic Theater, No Dogs Allowed!, was incredibly energetic and adorable.  He told me that this was actually one of his most challenging roles: no lines, no songs, a lot of jumping up and down, a little bit of tango, and endless panting.   

His particular rendition of a dog was very rough’n’tumble, which in my opinion, is the best kind of pooch.  It reminded Shawna of her loving, stinky, and endearingly dumb doggie Jake, and brought back a flood of fond memories for her.  After the show, all the actors waited in the lobby to sign autographs (including the playwright, Sonia Manzano, MARIA FROM SESAME STREET!!).  All the kids ran up to David, hugging him and telling him their favorite part of the show.  It was pretty frickin’ cute.  

Our friend, Chloe also did an awesome job of playing “Shorty”, a clairvoyant and tough seven-year-old!  It was a great show — if you babysit in NYC, or have little cousins, or you’re just looking for something innocent and sweet to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning, check it out!  

Click here for tickets and more info.IMG00455

Pizza, Broadway, Burgers, and Funny People

August 10, 2009











The big surprise birthday plans I had for my boyfriend turned out to be a great success!  For dinner, I decided to stick with what we know instead of taking a big risk, so I went with pizza.  After Time Out NY recently declared it #1 on their list of “Top 20 Best New Pizzas in NYC“, I took him to dinner at Keste Pizza and Vino.  As far as ambience goes, our date at Motorino still clocks in at numero uno for me (you can read about that delicious dinner here), but the pizza itself was right on the money: chewy crust, sweet tomato sauce, and melty pads of fresh mozarella.  

At dinner I clued him in that the after-dinner activity was tickets to the musical “Jersey Boys” (as much a gift for him as it was for me).  He was so surprised and excited, he couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of dinner.  I get a thrill out of giving good gifts, so his animated response was especially gratifying for me.  We’d both been wanting to see this show for quite a while.  One, because I’ve heard such great things from everyone who’s seen it, and I love all those songs from the 50’s.  And two, because our friend is playing the starring role of Frankie Valli!!  After pizza and tiramisu, we shimmied over to the theatre and soaked it all up and cheered on  our uber talented buddy…from kickass seats in the 8th row (thanks, Jarrod)!  

And then, on David’s actual birthday, he had free reigns to plan the day.  Opting for simplicity (as opposed to the big group trip to Six Flags his friend and I were trying to organize for him…maybe next year), he went with burger and a movie (last minute cupcake appearance courtesy of Shawna Rosen and Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakery).  The burgers were huge and yummy, but there was something wonderfully reminiscent of childhood birthday parties in going to an afternoon movie with a big group of friends.  I almost wish he had picked a kids movie instead of Judd Apatow’s “Funny People”.  I could always go for a hamster spy flick.

Harvard Sailing Team at Caroline’s on Broadway Tonight!

July 22, 2009

hst singing

This is a photo of the end of a Harvard Sailing Team show, oh, three years ago?  It was our big (Caroline’s on) Broadway debut!  And not uncommon for us, we’re singing our hearts out in some big cheesy song & dance number.  

Come see us perform at Caroline’s on Broadway again tonight!  I can promise you that we’ll be sporting different haircuts than those pictured above.  Comedian Jeff Kreisler (who recently reviewed us for here!) invited us to perform 20 minutes of our favorite sketches as part of his show, “Get Rich Cheating”.  So come on down to Caroline’s tonight, we’d love to see you there!  We even have a discount code, if that sweetens the deal.  Here are the details:

Tonight, Weds., July 22nd @ 9:30
Caroline’s on Broadway (1626 Broadway, off 50th Street)
Use the discount code CHEAT for special priced tickets!
Click here to buy advanced tickets.
not joking, the high point of my career.

not joking, the high point of my career.

Actor Needed For Emotional Role – One Day High Pay

June 24, 2009
found on sachman75's photostream on flickr

found on sachman75's photostream on flickr

The following Craigslist gem of a job offer was e-mailed to me yesterday.  Thank you.

Date: 2009-04-17, 12:52PM

My deceased aunt gave my two kids a Cocker Spaniel a few months back. The dog has been a terror and become overwhelming for me. I am a single father raising two young children. I cannot face telling the kids that the dog must go. I have found a good home for the dog, and just need someone to transport the dog, and play the villain.*

Premise: You will be the dog walker hired by daddy (me) to walk Skittles. I will introduce you to the kids, and you will tell them you are going to help Skittles get her exercise when Daddy is too busy to walk her. At that point you will walk Skittles to your car and take her to her new family 20 minutes from my place. Then return holding just a leash. The story will be that Skittles broke free of the leash and took off. At this point prepare for crying, things being thrown at you, and possibly cursing. My kids are young and dramatic, their girls.

Pay will be $500. The job will take roughly 2 hours at best.

This job is ideal for an actor looking to diversify their role base, or someone who genuinely likes to make children cry. Acting experience is a plus, but not necessary. Please inform me of any prior experience in this kind of situation.

*”…play the villain.” That is my favorite part.

Those lost boys always get me

March 30, 2009

Usually, when I have a Sunday night to myself, free of rehearsal or work, I cherish it.  This usually involves a couch, a sweet treat, and a netflix.  However, last night, despite all Sunday odds, some friends and I ventured out to…Bushwick!  With cookies in hand and a couple magazines in my purse (you just never know how long the subways will take.  As a precaution, I carry at least 1 snack and 3 hours worth of reading material with me at all times) we landed at the Bushwick Starr to see The Centrifuge‘s production of The Forgetting of Things, an interpretation of the Peter Pan story.  My boyfriend played a lost boy, Captain Hook, and Smee.  Made us very proud.  It’s always a funny thing to watch someone on stage who you know so intimately.  Like, by being in the audience, you’re all of a sudden not any closer to that person than anyone else watching the show.  But more on that another time.

One of my favorite elements of the play was the sound design.  In some of the darker and more twisted moments of the show, emerged some music that reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Sounds of strings followed by a mash up of various Peter Pan sound bytes.  Audio clips from the Disney version, and the Mary Martin movie, and some of the score from Hook.  I have to say, that I grew up on all 3 versions, but Hook holds a special place in my heart.  It was like  Ladybugs.  Or A League of Their Own.  Always on TV.  And when it was on, you better believe that my little brother and I were glued to the tube.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to chant “Ru-fi-ohhhhhhh!” to each other in the den, or reenact the Lost Boys’ massive imaginary food fight (if anyone could explain to me what those colorful globs were, please get in touch).  But, without fail, the part that got me every time was the “Oh, there you are, Peter.”  Where did they find that kid?  Sigh.  Grab a tissue.  Bangarang.