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April 21, 2010

Isn’t this tree beautiful? I noticed it for the first time on my walk home from work. It’s like Fern Gully or something!

Spring is here. And that means Spring showers, Spring iced coffee (just go with me), and Spring cleaning. Whether I want to admit it or not, I am in some dire need of Spring cleaning. I have a dust buster for a reason, and I’m gonna put it to use dammit!

And this Spring, I’m doing something new that I’ve never done before. I’m not just cleaning my apartment, but I’m also cleaning my body. I’m going to go on my first ever cleanse!

Yep. You heard it here first, folks. I’m doin’ a cleanse. Call it one too many chocolate chip cookies, or the gym membership that I recently cancelled, or panic about getting ready for swimsuit season. Whatever the many reasons may be, I realized that I needed something to kickstart my movement towards a healthier lifestyle. Am I cutting out caffeine, sugar, and dairy forever? Heck no. Just for these next few days. As a little experiment. ūüôā

Right now I’m in the “prep” phase of a 2-day juice cleanse that goes down on Saturday and Sunday. Prepping for this cleanse basically means gradually weaning out certain foods (sugar, meat, dairy) to prepare your body for a smoother transition into the juice cleanse. After doing some research and talking to friends who’ve tried it, I decided to go with the BluePrintCleanse. You drink 6 “special” juices a day that the BPC elves prepare for you in advance. It’s all fresh and natural and some of the flavors actually sound yummy (cashew milk?!). And in between each juice, I’m supposed to drink A LOT of water. Oh boy. We shall see how this whole cleanse thing goes down… Fortunately, a few of my girl friends have signed up to do it with me this weekend as well! So we’ll have each other’s backs when we’re looking for a hunger sympathy vote.

I’m not looking forward to the kvetching that will inevitably come with the fact that I WON’T BE EATING FOOD for 2 days. But actually, in this very moment I’m buzzing with the excitement of embarking on this little juice adventure. (If my tone seems testy on Sunday, you can blame the fact that my belly will be filled with mostly water). And I just keep telling myself, “It’s only 2 days. You can drink a few colorful juices for 2 days. Just think about the slice of pizza that’s waiting for you on that 3rd day!” Just kidding. Am I?

I’m making a Spring resolution to look good and feel good. A resolution to say “yes” to more yoga classes and “no” to second helpings of pasta.


Boys Will Be Girls

April 3, 2010

Harvard Sailing Team performing at The Kennedy Center

My sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team, has been getting a nice bit o’ buzz lately.

The internet has been showing the love for our two new videos we just released! This has definitely been generating the most buzz than any of our previous videos have ever received, so it’s very exciting.

The major highlights for us include props from¬†Best Week Ever, Buzzfeed (who says we’re “going viral!”), Jezebel, and my personal fave shout-out: New York Magazine’s blog “Vulture”, calling our video “A masterpiece!” ¬†Woot woot.

We had a blast making these videos, and it’s always nice to know that people are digging them too. ¬†But for every “SO FUNNY! Great skit!” (thanks youtube commenter,¬†R4nd0mn33s!), there’s a “WHAT THE HELL??? THIS IS A FAIL!” (no thanks, youtube commenter, zizzork). Oh, internet. ¬†The widely varied comments that people post on all of our videos has always been a great source of amusement for the team.

Hope you enjoy!

And if you’re in New York, you can catch our live show tonight at 9:30! ¬†We perform every Saturday at The PIT! ¬†Click here for tickets and info.

Supper Club Turns Breakfast Club

February 28, 2010

There’s something I find especially comforting about clubs. ¬†Especially clubs that revolve around food. ¬†Extra especially clubs that revolve around food and some of my childhood friends. ¬†Three of my oldest friends (one of whom I’ve known since 2nd grade–holla!) have all made the big move from LA to NY within the past few years. ¬†And so we decided that we should celebrate. ¬†With a Monday Night Supper Club! ¬†That said, we certainly try our best to uphold our weekly Monday night tradition. ¬†But between the demands of law school, sketch comedy rehearsals, and occasional late nights at the office, it can be difficult to get all of us together every single Monday night.

Our usual restaurant of choice is the 24 hour polish diner, Veselka, an East village mainstay. ¬†It’s tough to beat a good borscht and challah. ¬†But sometimes when the mood strikes us, we’re willing to venture out. ¬†Because of some scheduling snafus, we were unable to meet on Monday night last week. ¬†So we opted for an unprecedented pre-workday Monday Morning Breakfast Club!

Lucky for us, Clinton Street Baking Co. was declaring February as “Pancake Month”. ¬†We win. ¬†(On a side note, New York is big on this whole “x-food” month thing. ¬†Isn’t February also “Hot Chocolate Month” at City Bakery? ¬†Not that I’m complaining…but what’s with that?) ¬†So, waking up at 6am did not rule. ¬†But waking up to fresh blackberries, pecan streusel and warm maple butter pancakes did very much rule:

Hello.  What a way to start the day.

Looking forward to our Monday night rendezvous tomorrow: in honor of Purim, we’re makin’ homemade hamentaschens at my place! ¬†(If ya don’t know, now. ya.¬†know.)

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

August 12, 2009




Sometimes all ya need is a little soft serve.  From a lovely gay man.  In a truck.

When I first moved to New York, summer meant two things: no school (I was an NYU student), and daily trips to an ice cream truck (I excercised little self-restraint).¬† But now with the wide variety of new sweets trucks popping up, and the frozen yogurt craze that has hit New York with a vengeance, I’ve been seduced by all these other options, and thus have only made two trips to an ice cream truck all summer!¬† Two times.¬† That is a shameful number.¬† (If we count how many times I’ve visited the Cupcake Stop truck however…that’s a shameful number for another reason).

I’ve talked about the NYC recent truck craze on my blog here, and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was one truck that I’d been wanting to find.¬† I love the name.¬† Love the logo.¬† Love ice cream.¬† Well, a few days ago, while killing some time in Union Square after a tiring and rather uneventful day of work at the office, I turned the corner and there it was!¬† It was in the stars, because I had a camera and just enough money on me for a cone with a specialty topping.¬† So I asked the adorably sweet man in the truck my favorite question: What’s your favorite? He said he was partial to the coconut and the salted caramel, and since I’m not much of a coconut girl, the salted caramel was a no-brainer.¬† In fact, it looked and tasted so good, that a complete stranger (in earnest) asked me for a lick.¬† Um, sorry, pal.

Verdict?¬† The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck had the classic satisfying taste you would want from your standard ice cream truck, with the bells and whistles (like ice cream sandwiches playfully called “cartwheels” and toppings like Trix cereal) of something a little…gay.

Our Sweets at an NYC Summer Street Fair!

July 30, 2009




If you live in New York, surely you’ve either walked by or walked through an NYC street fair at some point during your city exploring.¬† To me, these bazaars that take over different city streets every week, are famous for featuring a wide variety of vendors. ¬†These vendors range from people selling watermelon juice, to women selling their lines of jewelry, to the “2 for $10 sunglasses” booth, to the guy peddling packets of white socks and undershirts (there’s one at every street fair!).¬† For some reason, that Fruit of the Loom guy always seems to be the most popular.¬† I guess people are shopping practically these days.

Among all the smoothie stations, and I Heart NY souvenir booths, I was selling our Fanny & Jane sweets this past Saturday to any passersby with a sweet tooth.  New Yorkers and tourists were out and about, and everyone seemed to be enjoying this west village edition of the Summer Street Fair.  The forecast for Friday and Sunday was slated to be a rainy mess, and Saturday was predicted to be a beautiful, clear and warm day.  And It was a (wonderfully) sunny day, and (not so wonderfully) one of the most humid days of summer so far.  But thanks to a big shader, myself and our delectable edibles were kept nice n cool.

So perhaps not the most practical purchase of the street fair (if you’re talkin “practical”, a 6 pak of tube socks wins), but definitely delicious, our Fanny & Jane booth was hopping! ¬†Our chipwich minis got a lot of attention, and our red velvet cupcakes were the first of our items to sell out.



Our involvement with this particular street fair is due to my friend (& new Fanny & Jane fan!), the wonderfully talented and generous (& new mother!), Chef Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez.¬† Heather is the owner of my favorite Indian restaurant in the city, Lassi, and her colorful path through the culinary world has been a great inspiration to me.¬† She has a vast knowledge of all things spicy and sweet, which has been a huge help to me in getting Fanny & Jane started, and it was she who suggested in the first place, “Why don’t you try sharing a booth with Lassi at an upcoming street fair?”.¬† And so just like that, we were selling our red velvet cake bites alongside their mango lassis this past Saturday!¬† I had such a blast, and the pairing turned out to be a winning combo.¬† I can speak from experience when I say that it is quite a treat to wash down a mini chipwich with a roasted peach lassi.




Hello cupcakes. ¬†The newest addition to the Fanny & Jane family is our red velvet cupcake. ¬†The street fair was the first time that these little guys were available to the public! ¬†Since we were just testing them out, I only brought a few with me. ¬†Underestimating the power of the red velvet cupcake, we were sold out of them within the first few hours of the fair. ¬†Next time we’ll be sure to bring more, because if there’s one thing that seems to melt the heart of even the toughest New Yorker, it’s a cupcake.


Like our new display tray? ¬†Since starting this company, I’ve been slowly building my arsenal of adorable platters, trays, and cake stands. ¬†I can’t wait to host a cheese and brownies party – I’ve got my platters at the ready! ¬†(And how cute is this one? ¬†It’s like the cake bite is giving a little “Broo-ooklyn!” shout out).

Thanks to Heather and Colleen for helping everything run so smoothly. ¬†And I must give some lovin’ to Shawna and David, the rockstars of the day. ¬†Since Jen was out of town and I was in charge of setting up and breaking down our portion of the booth, Shawna and David came to the rescue as my Sherpas of Sweets – they helped me haul a cooler and several heavy bags of baked goods and props from our apartment in Prospect Heights to Greenwich Ave. and 10th Street in Manhattan, on one of the hottest and stickiest days of the summer, despite one of them nursing a hangover, and while maneuvering inconvenient subway service changes. ¬†I truly couldn’t have done it with you, friends!

Fanny & Jane at Fashion Week Party!

July 21, 2009


Fanny & Jane made its Soho debut!¬† A few weeks ago, Jen and I were approached about bringing some of our Fanny & Jane goodies to a party happening at the chic and funky Soho boutique, Operations.¬† The party was last night, and it was a wild success!¬† We were in good company – the party was sponsored by Sam Adams, Nespresso, Inocente Tequila, Prometheus Springs, and there were hot dogs too.¬† The Fanny & Jane sweets were a hot ticket, and we ran out quicker than we expected! ¬†I had such a blast meeting a ton of new people and eating yummy food and even shopping a little (woops!).¬† With the DJ spinning great dance-worthy tunes all night, the constant stream of people coming in and out of the store, and my natural desire to shmooze it up, it was hard for me not to be constantly buzz buzz buzzing around (especially since Nespresso was providing delicious coffee drinks throughout the night, and I got more than my fair share of caffeination).¬† But in my few moments of calm throughout the evening, when I wasn’t replenishing the cookie tray or obsessively fixing my hair (the party was for fashion people, after all), I was able to snap a few photos. ¬†Enjoy!





Apparently, it’s a monthly tradition for Operations to host summer BBQs on the sidewalk in front of the store.¬† Brilliant.¬† So, last night was no exception.¬† In fact, it was even a little fancier and more extravagant than usual because it was one of the owner’s birthdays.

As the night wore on, and the grill got goin’, the party started to spill into the street.¬† It was the perfect summer night to chill outside with friends, a Sam Adams summer ale and a mini chocolate chip cookie.



Unfortunately, Jen was unable to make it to the party.¬† So we enlisted the help of our dear friend to help with set-up and for shmooze support.¬† For all intents and purposes, last night’s sweets were brought to you by Fanny & Jane & Adam.






It was pointed out to me early on in the evening, that our mini chocolate chip cookies were the perfect taste and size for dunking into Nespresso‘s espresso drinks!¬† I made friends with Josh, the Nespresso guy,¬† and while I was gushing to him about the deliciousness of their cappuccinos, I found out that he was a big fan of our red velvet cake bites.¬† Their coffee drinks were so good, they even got my boyfriend to try some – he’s more of a Hot Chocolate guy.¬† Of course, the particular drink he tried was more of an ice cream float than your traditional macchiato.¬† I also found out that Nespresso is a fairly new business, trying to get their name out there.¬† It was interesting to talk to him and hear where they are in their process, and maybe there will be a Nespresso/Fanny & Jane collaboration in the future!¬† To me, coffee and sweets are always a winning combo.

I also met one of the owners of another new small food/drink business, Prometheus Springs, a new spicy refreshing beverage.¬† Now usually, when I hear “spicy”, I run the other way – I’m a wuss, and I’m always “that girl” at the Thai restaurant who asks for things as mild as possible.¬† But feeling brave last night, and encouraged by the owner that the drink gets less spicy the more you drink it, I decided to try one of the flavors.¬† I opted for the Pomegranate Black Pepper (I wasn’t feeling daring enough for the Lychee Wasabi), and it certainly had a kick, but I didn’t die, and I actually quite enjoyed it!¬† He reminded me that sometimes a little bit of spice can be a good thing, it helps you sweat out toxins.¬† And after all the sweet treats I’ve been inhaling lately, maybe sweating out a bit of those extra chocolate toxins was a good idea.





The DJs set up their turntables on a wooden plank, spanning across the tops of the dressing rooms.  The view from inside the dressing room was quite adorable.


The few remaining mini chocolate chip cookies!


The last of the cake bites for the night!


This is Jesse.  Him and Mika got us involved in this whole fabulous party in the first place.  (We first met Mika when she tasted our brownies during one of our Wednesday night Sweets Sales at the PIT).  Jesse had the idea to showcase our goodies on the long, gorgeous glass table in the middle of the store, and he was so helpful with setting up, and made the whole event run so smoothly.  Thanks for everything, Jesse and Mika!


Empty trays!  Not a crumb left to nibble on.

Thanks to all the friends who came to party and support (and to help me carry the cooler home)!

Our First Cupcakes

July 16, 2009






Introducing the first Fanny & Jane cupcakes!  Red velvet* with cream cheese frosting, of course.

We were asked to make these cupcakes for a custom order (some people want cupcakes on their birthday…and I don’t blame ’em), so they aren’t an “official” member of our line of sweets just yet.¬† But I had such a fun time baking and frosting them, that I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw more of these coming out of our kitchen soon!¬† I’d love to keep playing with cupcake decorating – something simple (no plastic clown heads), but fun (bring on the sprinkles).

I’ve consumed a lot of cupcakes in my day, but I can’t remember the last time I actually made cupcakes, and boy are they just the cutest things ever.¬† It’s been a lot of cake bites and chipwiches lately, so it was thrilling to see tins of 12 adorable little red individual cakes come out of the oven, so whole and complete and inviting.¬† I’m starting to remember why New York is so obsessed.

Tempted to keep one for myself, I better be on my way to deliver them!

*And while we’re on the subject of Red Velvet desserts, last night while chatting with Pitizens and selling our sweets at the PIT, Jen and I met, not one, but TWO people who had never heard of red velvet!¬† What?!¬† Am I a snob for thinking that everyone has tasted and adored a red velvet baked good once in their life?¬† I was shocked.¬† I mean, I know it sometimes goes by different names (Waldorf Astoria cake), but even still.¬† I felt like giving them our whole tray of red velvet cake bites and telling them to go sit somewhere private, and really take some time to have their very first red velvet experience.¬† But, then again, I’m also a legitimately crazy person when it comes to sweets, so…

The Greene Ice Cream

July 6, 2009







My two friends, Lisa and Natalie, and I visited our other friend, Shannon, while she was on the job manning the yummy and new ice cream cart outside The General Greene in Fort Greene. ¬†(I blogged about a brunch I enjoyed at the General Greene here). ¬†This ice cream cart’s 6 flavors change daily, so like all good New York mobile food vendors, the Greene Ice Cream has a twitter, so that you know what dairy delight you’re getting into. ¬†Our double scoops of choice…

Chocolate Mint and Salted Caramel Pretzel:


Green Tea Pistachio Chip and Salted Caramel Pretzel:


Double Scoop of Green Tea Pistachio Chip:



At 2 scoops for 3 bucks, this handmade ice cream made by the co-owner and chef of the General Greene, Nicholas Morganstern, is worth every penny.  And I was doubly  inspired when I found out that Morgenstern built the cart himself!  An awesome Brooklyn labor of love.

High Line

July 4, 2009











Last week, I took a spontaneous trip to The High Line with some friends. ¬†I had been looking forward to visiting this railroad-converted-into-a-park since I first read an article about the project in New York Magazine a year or so ago. ¬†I’d read lots of things about it that I was quite eager to experience for myself. ¬†

Yeah, I heard that some of the chairs are rigged up to the old tracks and they can roll back and forth!…Did you know that there’s no overhead park lighting, and all the lighting is built into the rails on the sides, so that at night, it’s possible to see stars in the city?…Honey, I read that it’s very romantic, and will probably be the next popular New York spot for proposals…

It’s true! ¬†There are a few lounge chairs on wheels rigged up to the original tracks! ¬†We were fortunate enough to score one for a few minutes, but the wheels have stoppers on them, so the rolling back and forth is pretty limited. ¬†And it’s true! ¬†All the park’s lighting was installed in the rails along the sides of the park. ¬†But since it wasn’t dark when we were there, I couldn’t test out the stars theory. ¬†And it’s true! ¬†It is very romantic. ¬†There’s no ring on my finger, though.

Since the fireworks will be launched from the Hudson River this year, I have no doubt that the new and chicly popular High Line will be a prime destination spot for picnics. ¬†Too crowded for me. ¬†But it’s a park I would definitely like to go back to and set out a picnic. ¬†Perhaps on a day that’s not our nation’s independence day. ¬†Perhaps, the day after¬†our nation’s independence day.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! ¬†Wherever, however, and with whomever you celebrate with, I hope it’s filled with cheer and good food.

I Scream You Scream

July 1, 2009
step 1: spot truck

step one: spot truck

step 2: dig around your change purse

step two: dig around your change purse

step three: DON'T forget sprinkles

step three: DON'T forget sprinkles

step four: pose for picture and enjoy

step four: pose for picture and enjoy

I know that I’ve been talking about all the fancy New York food trucks lately, but sometimes nothing hits the spot on these summer days quite like a vanilla cone with sprinkles from Mister Frostee.¬† Or in this case, Kool Man.