About me

After growing up in Los Angeles, I moved to Manhattan in 2003 to go to school. But having made the move to Brooklyn after graduating, and living among the brownstones for nearly 3 years now, I have quite an affinity for this side of the bridge.

I initially started this blog just as a way to organize and share my thoughts at this point in my life. Like an e-scrapbook.

I perform weekly in NYC with the award-winning sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team. I’m also thrilled to be venturing into a sweets business with my dear friend, Jen Curran. Our company is called Fanny & Jane, and we bake our cookies, brownies, bars, and cake bites (cake whats?) in Brooklyn. She’s got a blog. I’ve got a blog. We’re just a couple a girls, baking and blogging about the adventures of starting a business. And blogging ’bout sweet treats, naturally.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wanna talk about something?  Anything?  I love talking.  faryneinhorn@gmail.com


One Response to “About me”

  1. Cousin Lisa Says:

    Hey girl, Wow your busy!! Don’t forget your cuz in L.A.!! So how can we get a Fanny & Jane Catalog to do a fundraiser at our school? Maybe I’ll buy a cake for my B-day May 18th Hint Hint!!
    Ryan and Lauren miss ya!
    Love you

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